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Ten years ago, I woke up to news on my alarm clock (I absolutely hate the beep-beep-beep alarms).  I heard the tower had fallen. I was confused, thinking Salt Lake (where I was living) had taken down an old building and wondered why there was so much horror involved in a demolition. So I went downstairs and turned on the tv. I was absolutely shocked to hear that 2 planes had hit the twin towers in New York. I called my sister for a few minutes, then my long-distance boyfriend (my now husband) called. Meanwhile I was trying to get ready for college classes and get Gabby up and ready.

Paul and I talked about uncertainty of chances in life and things can change in minutes to the world. It was really on that day that we decided we were going to do whatever it took to be together as soon as logically possible. We were both scared….the whole country was scared.

When I went to school, the campus was eerily quiet. Not a normal college scene. People were talking in low voices. Some girls were crying. I remember one guy laughed loud and everyone around him gave him dirty looks. Laughter was not acceptable that morning.

On the following days, the news was all around..the death toll, survivor stories, why it all happened.

Now, 10 years later, this day is a reminder of the sadness, the deaths. But also bittersweet, because that was when my husband and I decided we were going to be husband and wife someday.

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If you’re not familiar, read this.

Basically, a black couple started an experiment to only shop from black store owners/businesses.

I don’t mind that. Minorities typically support themselves and other minorities.  What bothers me is that it’s now a “movement.” A movement! Isn’t this what happened in the 1930’s in Germany when non-Jews weren’t allowed to shop at stores owned by Jews??

Most of you know I’m Mormon. This is a minority religion in our area. Very small group. But not so much the case when I lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. What would happen if all the Mormons there decided only to shop from other Mormons? I guarantee there would be a big fuss over it. California Liberals would storm the city with major screaming and feet-pounding tantrums.

This is a destructive path. This is a movement that tears this melting pot we call the USA apart.  Groups will split. People will get angry. I’m sure there will be white people saying, well, if they’re doing, we will, too! Then other groups may join. Can you imagine Chicago if this happens? Or if the movement spreads throughout the country?

Like I said, it doesn’t bother me if individuals want to only shop from their own race (although I do call that racist). If you want to be racist on your own, that’s your thing…wrong thing, but your thing.  But putting it into a movement  to tear people apart is also very wrong.

If I’m missing another pov, enlighten me. I’m open to hearing other sides. But from where I sit, this is a dividing issue.

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On one hand, we have the kangalion. Fast, can hop on you and then bite your head off.

On the other hand, we have the roodog. Great runner and can peck your eyes out.

Hmmmm….decisions, decisions….


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If you know Texas well, you know Wolf Brand Chili. It’s seriously the best chili in a can. Wicked awesome taste then it has that heat that kicks you in the back of the throat. Good stuff 😀

One of my friends on Facebook recently wrote his parents sent him some (he’s out of state, too).

Now I’ve been craving the stuff for days! Grrr… It’s driving me crazy. I hate those cravings I can do nothing about!!

So if you’re in Texas and you have a box couple cans on hand, feel free to send them my way. And while you’re at it, throw in a bag of Fritos and some shredded cheddar.


(no, this is not a paid ad!)

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Sadly (or funnily) some of these apply to my family though I won’t go into detail.

You take a load to the dump and bring back more than you took.  dad

You ever cut your grass and found a car. dad

The Halloween pumpkin on your front porch has more teeth than your wife.

You think taking a bubble bath starts with eating beans for dinner. brothers

The people on Jerry Springer’s show remind you of your neighbors. guilty

You’ve been married twice and still have the same in-laws. parents

You can get dog hair from out of your belly button. sorry honey

People hear your car a long time before they see it. hmmm…almost everyone

You own a homemade fur coat. wouldn’t be surprised

You think “taking out the trash” means taking your in-laws to a movie.

You think loading the dishwasher means getting your wife drunk.

Your kids can climb a tree faster than your cat. pretty much everyone’s kids

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I have a weakish stomach. Certain body fluids really make me cringe, gag, dry heave, etc. Like my husband or kids or anyone else blowing their nose. Or seeing someone spit. Bloody noses.

If it’s my kid (a little one) it’s easier. But once they hit 3-4 yrs old, it’s over for me. And if it’s someone else’s kid, forget it.

Pets really get me, too. I can’t tolerate cat vomit (rare, but it happens). My poor kids have to take care of it. Oddly enough, I prefer to clean up cat poop than vomit.

Dog is the worse, though. He’s pretty gross.  Cuz it comes out gooey and he licks it up as he’s throwing it up…..’scuze me while I dry heave…..*gag*

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Yesterday I took the boys out to play. I put Dean down on a blanket with some toys and opened Pierce’s sandbox. They played for an hour before Dean wanted to be picked up. That’s a long time for a 9-month old!! It was great. I did some more yard work (raked branches) and then dd got off the bus. After a bit, dh came outside and we did a LOT more work.

In the back, the contractors piled the dirt around the house. They had driven on it when it was wet and muddy, so it was really rutty and uneven. Dh got the bright idea to hook up a wooden crate behind our little John Deere mower to help grate it out.  Then he put a 70-lb bag of peat moss on it for more weight. It worked very, very well.

Then, being the kind of dad/guy he is, he had our dd sit on the peat moss and gave her a ride 😀

It was great. Meanwhile, I was raking/shoveling more dirt that was in a pile on another side of the house. It’s all evened out now…much better, too.

So now we just have to wait to put out some more grass seed for the back. The side and front still need a bit of work (they dug a ditch) to get evened out then we’ll be done!

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This is about the voting in CA, so if you’re tired of the subject, sorry. But I’ve got to get this off my chest.

If you’ve looked around my site or have read for awhile, you know I’m LDS (Mormon). And the Mormons have gotten a lot of publicity in CA for their stance on gay marriage. They have been targeted with hate crimes and have had protesters outside of churches. These people protesting are the same ones who have been shouting for tolerance!! How can  you say something like that, then turn around and show intolerance because you disagree? You don’t see any Mormons picketing gay clubs or beating up gay/lesbian couples.

We have a very strong stand against abortion…when “pro-choice” got voted in in CO, did you see Mormons bombing clinics?? Of course not.

There was a choice, a vote to be made (in both states). The options were given to us by the gov’t…yes or no. That means each of us has a right to our opinions, liked or disliked. The decisions were made by a majority. And that’s where it should end. Anything past that is poor losing and flat-out bullying and scare tactics.

The percentage of “no” votes in CA was 52%. Do people realize the Mormon population is no where near that? So that means others also voted no. 70% of black voters said no. That’s a huge group! And I know without a doubt not every single Mormon voted no…I know 2 people just in my church here in my town that have gay/lesbian siblings and they would have voted yes. And that’s just here, in the boonies, not out in CA where the population is higher.

I’m sick of all the blaming and hatred (and don’t go tell me Mormons hate gay people…if you do, I assure you, you’ll feel my wrath). The voting is over, leave people out of it! If you don’t like it, go to the government who gave us the choice in the first place and protest there.

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Fellow Americans, today is the day to decide on the future of our country!! It’s an amazing  privilege to be able to vote and I encourage each of you to get ready and make your final decision.  If you’re still undecided, you better hurry!

I think both candidates have something good to offer, and either way it goes, it’s really not going to be the end of the world. The sun will still come up and spring will return. People make it out to be so black-and-white and it’s just not that…there’s so many shades of gray.

I am very excited for this election and can’t wait for it all to be over. And for the country to move on.

And in other news, dh started jury duty for the month yesterday (he could get called up any day to go into be on the jury, unless he’s able to get out of it). I would laugh, but I’m afraid if I do, next month will be my turn. So I’ll give him my condolences and move on 🙂

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I couldn’t come up with anything creative to say today, so I stole a post my husband wrote on one of his blogs.

What if they were true? Would it really make a difference, or is Obama too much of a savior in people’s eyes to see the truth?

I’m thinking that Obama could produce his birth certificate from Kenya and he would still get elected. People would say, “Why does it matter?” The sheeple in this country that listen to the elitist media are going to vote for him regardless of the truth.

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