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Well, not right away…but sooner than we thought! Can I just scream “YAY!!” right now?

We got our call today…I was a little confused, because I was told, “We got your date for court. You can travel on December 17th, arriving on the 18th. And court is on the 21st, so you can catch a flight out on the 22nd and be home before Christmas.”

I was speechless. Because first, there is a court date (that we don’t have to be present for). When we pass that, THEN we get a travel date.  So I was a little confused.

“So we passed the first court already?”

“No, they combined them to be on the same day.”


Yep…expecting one thing but getting something way better and sooner. I get to see my baby girl right before Christmas. Best. Gift. EVER.

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Thanksgiving went well at our house. My sister, bil, and their 2 kiddos were a fun addition to our home this year.  Turkey thawed out and was the best one I’ve ever had, thanks to my sis and bil.

So now we’ve got the tree up and decorated, the Christmas decos out, and about half of the presents wrapped and under the tree.

Pierce woke up this morning and asked, “Is it Christmas yet?”

It’s gonna be a long month for that kid!!

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I found this in an email, then checked it out on Snopes…true story. Beautiful but kinda tear-jerky. This is at the Arlington National Cemetery. Check out the link if you want to read more.

“Readers may be interested to know that these wreaths — some 5,000 — are donated by the Worcester Wreath Co. of Harrington , Maine . The owner, Merrill Worcester, not only provides the wreaths, but covers the trucking expense as well. He’s done this since 1992. A wonderful guy. Also, most years, groups of Maine school kids combine an educational trip to DC with this event to help out.”



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Ours went well…the kids got plenty spoiled dh and I got everything we asked for 🙂

Anything wild or crazy happen to anyone?

Oh, on Christmas Eve our construction crew took out our living room windows and boarded them up..then dh took off our ugly paneling on that wall. So the one wall is hideous! I’ll try to get a pic up.

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Merry Christmas everyone!!!

I’ll be taking the next couple days off probably, so don’t be surprised if you see this message for a while. Enjoy being spoiled with gifts and spoiling others.

And don’t forget the true meaning! Christ our Savior was born 🙂

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Good news and bad news…which do you want first?

Ok, bad news to get it over with…Dean woke up with a slight runny nose.  So he wasn’t a happy boy to begin with yesterday. Then off to the dr for shots. Didn’t help with the fussiness much. My day was spent on the couch holding a sad baby 🙁  Hopefully he’ll feel better today.

Good news? We have walls on our addition! They got a majority of it framed and today should finish it off.  It’s so fun to see the progress.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. If I don’t have time to  say it later, I’ll say it now. Everyone, friend, family or acquaintance: Have a wonderful and very merry Christmas. This is such a magical time of year and I hope each of you is well and happy. And thanks for reading my incessant babblings.

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I’m tired. Very tired.

The friend that hosted did a great job on the food spread. She had pinwheel-like sandwiches, chips, crackers and dip, eggnog and hot chocolate. Everything was really good. And she held the party in her basement, which has a nice fireplace…that’s where I sat for the evening. I love fireplaces!

So we did the usual eating and talking with a few Christmas games. Her craft for the night was really really cute. You get a mason jar, fill it half-way with epsom salt, add a votive on top, tie a ribbon around it and a sprig of holly and you’re done! Wicked easy and cute.  She said it’s an old Irish custom…that it was a common practice at the time of Christ’s birth for the innkeepers to leave a candle outside or in a window if there was a room available.  So the Irish part of the custom is to have the oldest daughter light it on Christmas Eve and put it outside. This symbolizes telling Christ there is room for him at your home. So our dd will enjoy that this year.

Then we did the cookie swap, which was the theme…cookies. Holy cow, there were so many cookies there!!! Each of us (6) brought approximately 60 cookies. We were so cookied out! We brought half a dozen for each person invited plus a dozen to share during the party.  One person didn’t show, so there were plenty of extras, and none of us wanted to bring our own cookies home. I seriously have cookies everywhere!

I got home late…coughearlyamcough but Paul had the kids in bed. So I’m tired, but it was lots of fun as usual and I’m looking forward to January already. I have February and it’s already planned out 😀

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Last night my dh had his work party…not the whole business, just IT and their families. Only one other person brought her 2 kids. Luckily ours were behaving well.

They had lots of wine and beer…we were two of 5 people not drinking, so it was fun watching other people get tipsy 😀

Dinner consisted of steak or chicken (we all had steak), potatoes, green beans, rolls and salad. The steaks were good. Not Ruth’s Chris good, but good.

I brought a rum pound cake (extract, not real rum) that turned out tolerably well. Paul said it was one of the best cakes he’s had in a long time and was happy to bring the rest home. I made a butter rum glaze for the top that I was pretty proud of.

So it was there. It was sweet my honey really wanted me to go…he said there were a few people who either didn’t invite their spouses or their spouses didn’t want to go. It’s always nice to be wanted!

More cookie making for today…Girl’s Nite tonight! Yay!!

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I’d like the kitten to stop climbing the tree and knocking off lights and ornaments.

I’d like to get the new water heater and boiler out of my kitchen.

I’d like to sit for 30 minutes and paint ornaments without interruption.

I’d like to put the presents under the tree without worrying about the kitten and dog making chew toys out of them.

I’d like the laundry to do itself.

I’d like the bedroom to clean itself.

I’d like grocery shopping and cooking to do themselves.

I’d like Santa to take off these last pounds of “baby weight” for me.

I’d like for all the cookies I’ve been making to be calorie-free.

I’d like to have our addition finished so we can get the new boiler and water heater out of my kitchen.

I’d like to have our addition finished so we can have our new closets so we can clean our bedroom better.

I’d like to not stress about any of the above 😀

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This is officially Cookie Week in our house. The week before Christmas when we make tons of cookies!  Yesterday we started with pecan snowballs and chocolate crinkles. Tomorrow we’ll be doing sugar cookies and gingerbread men. I have a wicked awesome recipe for the gingerbread; they’re probably my favorite.

Friday is Girl’s Night. The woman hosting this month is having a cookie swap. She requested each of us to bring half a dozen to swap and take home plus a dozen to share at the party. I’m really looking forward to that.

Tuesday Gab has a church activity where they’re making plates to take to local missionaries. She needs a dozen for that.

I have a church thing (visit teaching) where I go with a partner to 5 assigned women from church…my partner and I go visit each woman with a brief message and a “so how’s things going.” I’m making plates of cookies for these 5 women and their families.

Then Gab and I have a couple families picked out to take plates to….we sing a carol and hand over the cookies. It’s been a tradition for the last 5 years. Lots of fun…we both look forward to it every year.

So…add all these cookies up and it makes for a week of major baking  😀

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