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We’re at a lull in the adoption process for the moment. We’re waiting on our 2nd (and final) home study visit which will be in a couple weeks.

But life still goes on! My husband’s grandma died last week, so he’s going to Wisconsin for the funeral this week.

Next week Gab heads out to Utah for her cousin’s wedding.

And amidst those things, there’s band concerts, hair appointments, dr appointments, a few church get-togethers, parties for me to plan out (2 for church, 1 for the boys)…..sigh….

Unfortunately most of things are just on my mind and not to the point of being able to put into action. This is a frustrating thing for me. So I’m left feeling a little anxious….so much to do and I have to just sit and wait for the days to come!

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Thanks to those who commented in my venting the last couple days. It’s great to hear what others have had to say.

Yesterday I had an extremely wicked migraine, one I just couldn’t shake, despite a cocktail of Excedrine Migr, extra strength Tylenol and my favorite, Percoset. Hopefully it’ll clear up today.

I hope any of you that live in CA are out of the fire’s way and are safe…remember not to inhale!! If it’s near you, my prayers are with you.

We should be getting our home addition contract today…keep your fingers crossed.

Yesterday I went to a leadership training meeting at church and dh stayed with the kids a majority of the day. He said everything went well and had a good time with them.

Ds1 got his first professional haircut a few days ago…he did really well. No squirming, fussing or anything. And he looks darling 🙂

Our weather is supposed to turn cold this week. Forecast for Tuesday is 33F and snowy…yuck. Time to migrate south.

Thanksgiving is coming up soon. I love this holiday. I love the reminder to be thankful for what we have. Our family is far from well-off, and our house isn’t big, but the things we have are all nice and comfortable. And that’s really all we need. I love that my husband works so hard to give us the life we have. And I’m happy I can stay home to be with my kids all the time. I realize it’s a luxury and I cherish it each day.

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The rumor is Washington Mutual went under because of a run on the bank yesterday. Word on the ‘net is that there have been a few other runs around the country. Sound familiar?

The government is trying not to say the word “depression”…instead they’re saying “recession.” Recession as in bald guy or just receding hair line?

We learned about the Great Depression in the history books and shows on tv…or we heard about it from our grandparents. There are stories of families packing up wagons and cars with their belongings and driving around searching for jobs. There were signs up that told would-be workers, “No jobs here…keep moving.” Whole families would work for mere bread. Hundreds of hollow, hungry faces stare up in pictures in lines at soup kitchens.  Parents gave food to their children and ate nothing themselves. Many put cardboard in their shoes because there were holes in the soles.

But you never think it will happen in your lifetime.

And it probably won’t, to that extreme. But, if there is a depression, how will your life change? Is your job secure? Do you have food for your kids stored up? What about extra blankets and water? A generator with extra gas? Do you know what you could cut to minimize your bills?

I certainly don’t think a rush on the grocery stores would be helpful, so I’m not suggesting we all go out and buy stuff. But it is a good time to think and get ready for recession, whether it is fully bald or just receding.

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We decided to par down our grocery bill lately. This can be difficult for me, since I like to make a wide variety of foods and they’re not usually boring or repetitive. I like the challenge of cooking complexly. So I came up with a menu for the week and thought I’d share, just in case anyone needs some ideas.

And if you have some, please share! If I get enough (7 or more), I’ll make a future post with them and links to your blog (was that shameless?)

  1. pancakes (already had a mix but it’s still only a couple bucks) & bananas
  2. breakfast burritos (tortillas, eggs, turkey sausage, cheese-had eggs and cheese, so $3.50)
  3. beef & green bean stir fry (only bought beef $5; neighbor gave us fresh green beans)
  4. turkey meatloaf and carrots ($4)
  5. pizza and mix veggies (under $6)
  6. bean soup and biscuits ($2.50 for soup mix)
  7. grilled chicken, veggies & new potatoes ($8)

Not bad! Not terribly interesting, but not awful either.

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I sat down to write something and just couldn’t find anything to say.

I’ve done the bit of politics (that’s as far as I get!), the animal posts (LOVE animals), the kid post (Halloween)….

So I guess I’ll just ramble for a bit. Hope you don’t get bored!

I love this season. I love the holidays coming up; decorating, something to look forward to, parties to throw, the changes in smells and sights. I love making a hot dinner for my dh and kiddos when they come in from work or playing outside. I love having an excuse to make apple pie. Or cider, or bread, or applesauce. I love the cinnamon smell in my kitchen.

I love watching the leaves turn colors and trying to pick my favorite one. Bright red, yellow, orange…it’s amazing. Like splashing a bucket of paint on the trees. I love the smell of the leaves and pines.

I love bundling up babies in soft, fuzzy clothes and how cuddly they are. And I love the chill at night and putting a thick quilt on my bed.

This is my (second) favorite time of year and I love drinking in each day.

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So now in the political realm there’s a big stink about Sarah Palin running because she has kids.

Since when did the Democrats think women should stay at home all the time??  They’ve held a strong point of women being able to work and raise a family. It’s typically Repubs that have the conservative view of women staying home with kids.

One example they’re using is with her 17 year old daughter getting pregnant.  (I guess my mom would be a terrible mom, too, since I got pregnant at 18!) They say she can’t be an effective VP with all the troubles of motherhood.

Democrats are worried. They thought they had the edge with a woman running for president, and now it’s obvious that Hillary’s flopped. So they have to go sling some mud at the Republicans. It can’t be both ways, but somehow they (D) want it to be. Talk about flip-flop.  “We can do it, but you can’t!”

She IS married. There’s plenty of stay-at-home dads. I’m sure her husband would take a huge share. How could he not? He’s going to be under the spotlight as much as she is. People (I for one) are curious what he’ll be doing to support his wife and what he thinks about the whole thing.

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So everyone knows I have chronic headaches with a few migraines sprinkled in there for fun. Sometimes it feels like no one really gets what an impact these have on my day-to-day life. Every day, my choice is to feel miserable and in pain, or take a few Excedrine Migr. and feel miserable and drugged. The pain pills help with the pain, but don’t take the headache away…it’s like my brain’s foggy and woozy. If I take less than a few throughout the day, it does nothing…I still have a headache and have all the drugs in my system, which, over the years, has added up I’m sure.

(I remember being in high school and a normal dosage of Advil was 7 to help a headache. I’ve tried a variety of OTC pain killers over the years and Exc. Migr. is the only one that’s helped for an extended time period…but there’s still some days where 3 is average.)

Anyway, I digress…

I found a great site for migraines out there in blogland for the others in my fam who have this problem. So check it out, too, if you’re interested. It’s absolutely amazing how many people suffer from headaches and migraines!! And I don’t mean those who get one a couple times a year or with PMS. I mean, really, really get them. You’d think there would be a cure by now. There’s things (pills, shots, chiropractors, even botox) that help but no real fix. And different things work for different people, so I know (from experience) that’s frustrating.  Btw, seeing a chiropractor did nothing for mine. So the search continues.

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A recent report on FOXNews states that “In the last 30 years, the number of women age 40 to 44 with no children has doubled, from 10 percent to 20 percent. And those who are mothers have an average of 1.9 children each, more than one child fewer than women of the same age in 1976.”  It also says that unemployed women had twice as many babies as employed women.

If “unemployed” means “stay at home”, it makes sense. Of course women who stay home with their kids would have more. Working full time with a child, or children, is very difficult; I did this for nearly 4 years with my oldest. It’s very tiring to work all day then take care of child, house, dinner, then have time for self. If I weren’t able to stay home with my kids, I know I wouldn’t have 3 by now. I would have just Gab, maybe Pierce, if I really wanted to stretch it.

Back in the 1800’s and early 1900’s it was common to have large families, with 5 to 12 children. The infant mortality rate was much higher than it is now. Survival rate among those children is much higher than it was then. Many people also lived on farms, where the more hands they had the better. Girls would work with their mothers in the house, doing all cooking, laundry and cleaning by hand. Boys would help their fathers work all day in the sun farming or ranching.

Families were also much more self-sufficient than they are now. If I want milk, I go to the store and use money (or plastic) to pay for it. I certainly don’t slaughter my own chickens, cows, or pigs (yuck). We have a garden, but it’s very small and we could never survive on what’s in it now. If a family back then had land and animals, they fed themselves and set away some for winter.

So, yeah, it makes sense we have smaller families now. One or 2 children is a smaller average than I thought, though. In my family (siblings), 3 is average. And if more women are focused on their career, they’re not stopping to have kids. To each their own, but I’m happy to have the number I have.

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