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Ok, another “Are you kidding me???” moment! This one is serious though. I was totally shocked and appalled at the hypocracy of PETA, a supposed animal-saving organization.

Read this.

I’m not much of a soapbox person, but really, this is one of those moments. News of this needs to be spread. Something’s got to be done. This needs to be brought out in the open and talked about!

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Our server crashed…it had the blogs on it (mine and my husband’s). Nice, huh?? So there was some stuff that got permanantly wiped off, even though dh had it on backup.

One of those things was comments.

So if you notice your comment isn’t where it should be, I apologize. I really appreciate and value what you have to say and I’m disappointed some are gone.

Please accept my apologies!!

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Can you just feel the sarcasm dripping down my page?? It’s there I assure you.

This morning I woke up to rain. That’s fine, I love it when it rains.  But not when I have things to do.

I came downstairs and looked at Evil Furball’s stitches…and saw her intestines. Nice…gotta call the vet and get her restitched. But first, I had to get my car to the dealer for it’s first new-car maintenance done.  We took both cars, (he drove his, I drove mine) because the plan was to just leave it there and have it picked up later.  Then the dealer told us it would only be an hour…so then what?? We went for a nice country drive. Then Pierce had to go potty, so we drove back into town and stopped at a store. Paul and Pierce came back out with breakfast (we hadn’t had time to eat) of Nutter-Butters and M&M’s. They were peanut, so at least Pierce had something healhty.

Anyway, we picked up my car and came home. I called the vet…no answer. So what am I supposed to do…use duct tape on the cat??? Grrrr….

Oh, and to top it off (can you tell I’m a bit ornery??), by back is so sore! I worked out yesterday, doing things I hadn’t done in a year…I forgot I had muscles back there.

And the boy just got his head stuck in the kitty crate.

This is definitely the makings of a migraine.

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Ok, not really.

But have you ever been around someone who always talks bad about his/her spouse? It’s really awkward. And annoying. I always wonder, ok, why are you with this person if they’re so awful?? And why are you telling me??

We know someone, “Bob.” Bob dogs on his wife frequently. Paul recently heard another friend talking to Bob on the phone. That other person dogged on Bob’s wife and laughed! What Bob didn’t realize that when you dog on your spouse, you give other people permission to do the same. So why let other people say bad things about your spouse?

One of my sisters and I talk on occasion and typically, our husbands come into the conversation. We’ve come to the conclusion that men don’t always put dirty socks into the basket or put the new roll of tp back on. And I think joking about those general things is harmless. It crosses the line if I were to call her angrily or very frustrated and say, “Why can’t he just put his dirty socks away? He’s such a slob and I always have to do everything! He thinks I’m his maid!”

At that point, my sister would probably wonder if all wasn’t well in paradise. And after just a few of those calls, she would question the type of person he is or if I should get out. Usually a person is mad at their spouse when they call someone to complain. The outsider doesn’t witness the make-up. They just get a view of a bad relationship.

I think people complain about their spouse to others because they think it’s the popular or cool thing to do, as childish and jr-high-schoolish as it sounds. My husband knows quite a few of these people and it drives him crazy.

We made a vow when we first got married to never talk badly about the other person. If there was a problem, we’d seek counseling if we had to. But it has to stay between us, resolved by us, and always kept that way. We defend each other if necessary and are always a united front. When you allow others into the marriage, you inevitably allow a crack that becomes a fissure.

**Disclaimer….Paul did read this before it was posted…I wouldn’t want him to think I was doggin’ on his dirty socks  😛

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So everyone knows I have chronic headaches with a few migraines sprinkled in there for fun. Sometimes it feels like no one really gets what an impact these have on my day-to-day life. Every day, my choice is to feel miserable and in pain, or take a few Excedrine Migr. and feel miserable and drugged. The pain pills help with the pain, but don’t take the headache away…it’s like my brain’s foggy and woozy. If I take less than a few throughout the day, it does nothing…I still have a headache and have all the drugs in my system, which, over the years, has added up I’m sure.

(I remember being in high school and a normal dosage of Advil was 7 to help a headache. I’ve tried a variety of OTC pain killers over the years and Exc. Migr. is the only one that’s helped for an extended time period…but there’s still some days where 3 is average.)

Anyway, I digress…

I found a great site for migraines out there in blogland for the others in my fam who have this problem. So check it out, too, if you’re interested. It’s absolutely amazing how many people suffer from headaches and migraines!! And I don’t mean those who get one a couple times a year or with PMS. I mean, really, really get them. You’d think there would be a cure by now. There’s things (pills, shots, chiropractors, even botox) that help but no real fix. And different things work for different people, so I know (from experience) that’s frustrating.  Btw, seeing a chiropractor did nothing for mine. So the search continues.

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