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I really try to post every weekday, but yesterday I had to take off. That migraine I had Saturday has been extremely stubborn. And my tolerance to pain killers is so high even 2 percoset didn’t kill it. Luckily it’s been downscaled from migraine to really bad headache, which is more tolerable. I’m not curled up on the couch with a blanket over my eyes. 😀

If you don’t get migraines or really bad headaches, add that to your “to be thankful for..” list. You’re very lucky.

Remember that gun discussion we had? If I had one, I’d be tempted to shoot myself in the foot to distract my head from the pain. Cuz, after all, it is all in my head….I’m fortunate in that I have learned to live with them. It’s impossible to be selfish and rest with a headache when there’s very small kids in the house.

If you do have these miserable things, what’s your drug of choice?

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So everyone knows I have chronic headaches with a few migraines sprinkled in there for fun. Sometimes it feels like no one really gets what an impact these have on my day-to-day life. Every day, my choice is to feel miserable and in pain, or take a few Excedrine Migr. and feel miserable and drugged. The pain pills help with the pain, but don’t take the headache away…it’s like my brain’s foggy and woozy. If I take less than a few throughout the day, it does nothing…I still have a headache and have all the drugs in my system, which, over the years, has added up I’m sure.

(I remember being in high school and a normal dosage of Advil was 7 to help a headache. I’ve tried a variety of OTC pain killers over the years and Exc. Migr. is the only one that’s helped for an extended time period…but there’s still some days where 3 is average.)

Anyway, I digress…

I found a great site for migraines out there in blogland for the others in my fam who have this problem. So check it out, too, if you’re interested. It’s absolutely amazing how many people suffer from headaches and migraines!! And I don’t mean those who get one a couple times a year or with PMS. I mean, really, really get them. You’d think there would be a cure by now. There’s things (pills, shots, chiropractors, even botox) that help but no real fix. And different things work for different people, so I know (from experience) that’s frustrating.  Btw, seeing a chiropractor did nothing for mine. So the search continues.

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One of the great perks of being pregnant (for me, anyway) is not having headaches for 6 months in the second and (mostly) third trimesters.  Then the pregnancy ends and the headaches come back. Why? No one knows. It’s the great mystery in my life. Headaches/migraines started when I was 16.

“Have you seen a doctor?” Of course. A couple times. They found no reason for my problem.

“Didn’t they give you any medication?” Yes; the most-prescribed one for headaches/migraines. An anti-seizure med that was great in helping me lose weight, but also made my hands tingle and go numb. It worked for about a week then it quit. So the doctor upped my dosage. Then it worked very well for a couple weeks. Then it quit. That happened a few times until I finally quit the drug altogether. I didn’t see the point in staying on a drug if it didn’t work.

So now I’m not pregnant anymore and the headaches are back. Every day. It’s really more annoying than anything…being in constant pain and soreness in my head gets old. Paul and my mom keep pushing me to “go see a specialist; find someone who knows what they’re doing”.  I know I really should but it just sounds so lame…”Yeah, I have a headache.” I don’t want to be a drug guinea pig.

The whole situation is quite ridiculous!  Just a vent  🙂

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