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Baby boy learned how to crawl up stairs today!! I was sitting on the floor and knew he was there, but didn’t realize he was 2 stairs up getting a bag of plastic Easter eggs.

I took him down, and of course, up he went again. And giggled at me. “Hah, mom! Look what I can do!”

Oh, and now ds1 is calling him “Bean” (rhymes with Dean) ๐Ÿ˜€

We had our Passover dinner last night with a friend and his daughter (she’s 18). His wife couldn’t make it unfortunately but I was happy they came. We had the typical Passover foods…fruit & nut mixture (haroset), bitter herbs (maror), roasted eggs (beitzah) and unleavened bread (matzah).ย  I lit candles and we sat on the floor. His dd had to leave after a bit and then I sent Gab and the boys upstairs and the 3 of us just talked for awhile. It was really a nice night.

They’re coming back tomorrow (Saturday) night to have the Jerusalem dinner we always do the night before Easter and go over the scriptures/stories for that. We’re having fish, chicken, cucumber salad, cheese, olives and grapes. All of which are typical foods eaten 2000 years ago at meals.

Tomorrow morning I’m in charge of and egg hunt at church for the kids. 2 families aren’t gonna make it, so I only had to buy and fill 20 dozen eggs (one for each kid).ย  Other wise it would have been 29 dozen ๐Ÿ˜€ I was smart and delegated the food and invitations out, so I only have to do the eggs.

Hopefully tonight dh and I will be able to get out without the kids to get their Easter bunny stuff.

I love this week before Easter…it makes the day that much more special and fun.

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A few years ago, my mom sent me an Easter book. It has 7 days worth of scriptures, each day a day in Christ’s last week. So it’s like we’re walking in his footsteps for a week. Then for every day, it has activities, games, or service projects. It’s really neat. I think this will be our 4th year.

On a few days (like Thursday-Passover), it lists the type of foods Christ likely ate and incorporates food into the lesson.

It’s so fun because it teaches the kids the more serious side of Easter and also teaches them who He was. Especially the foods.ย  It makes the whole “story” real. And when all the Easter bunny stuff is behind them, they’ll still have a week of Easter stories, foods, and activities to enjoy.

So on Thursday, I’m going to list the Passover foods and the recipes so you can try them out, too.

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Here’s a few VDay jokes for ya!!

  • A smart, handsome and sexy young man dressed in the most sophisticated manner walked into the bar. He noticed a woman staring at him without blinking her eyes with an open mouth. Flattered, he approached the woman and said in his sexiest deep voice – “I’ll do anything you wish, beautiful lady, for just $20 but on one condition.” The woman was trapped in a moment and asked as if in a trance – “What’s your condition?” The young man replied, “Tell me your wish in just three words.” After a long pause, woman opened her purse, counted the money and handed it to the man along with her address. She then looked deeply into his eyes and whispered, “Clean my house.”
  • After a quarrel, a wife said to her husband, “You know, I was a fool when I married you.” And the husband replied, “Yes, dear, but I was in love and didn’t notice it.”
  • If you want your wife to listen and pay strict attention to every word you say, talk in your sleep.

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If I cut you off in traffic, I’m sorry.

If you waved at me and I didn’t see it, I’m sorry.

If I didn’t comment on your blog enough, I’m sorry.

If I didn’t reply to your comment here, I’m sorry.

If I gave you a dirty look while I was in a bad mood, I’m sorry.

If I got the last of an item in the grocery store, I’m sorry.

If I spoke to you in a short tone while I had a migraine, I’m sorry.

If I forgot your special day (anniversary, birthday) I’m sorry!

Now, please quit sticking pins in your voodoo “Signe doll” and ruining my holidays!! Your track record of 5 of 5 this year (and it’s only mid-February!) has been impeccable. I admit it…you won!

Was it really necessary to close down my favorite candy shop right before Valentine’s Day?

I don’t know where else to get chocolate-covered strawberries and fresh fudge and dark chocolate truffles for my husband now!!

So, again, if I offended you, I apologize and you can get rid of your pins and doll now.

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Yeah, odd combination of words, I know. But it’s 2 topics. I couldn’t pick just one.

Our baby cut his first tooth yesterday! We were anxiously awaiting this milestone…he’s been a slow teether. The other bottom front one should arrive soon ๐Ÿ˜€

Now for V-Day. I’m crossing my fingers for this one…every other occasion this year (dd’s bday, my bday, our anniversary) has been rough. I’m really hoping this one will go well…that no one will be sick, that we’re not crazy busy with other stuff, etc. I remember one year my dh had a dentist appt. I took a rose into the office early in the day and asked them to give it to him when he got there. He was really surprised by that one!

Here’s the top 10 gifts ( for women:

  1. roses
  2. chocolate
  3. heart necklace
  4. lingerie
  5. perfume
  6. ipod
  7. itunes gift cert
  8. gemstone earrings
  9. diamond heart jewelry
  10. promise rings

Top gifts for guys:

  1. ipod
  2. watch
  3. camcorder
  4. universal remote
  5. power tools
  6. lcd tv
  7. wallet
  8. itunes gift cert

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The first day of another new year. Love it ๐Ÿ™‚

Last night we had friends over. They’re about our ages with 5 cute little kids (and she’s pg with the 6th) ages 8 to 2. It was not the quietest night we’ve had, but it was tons of fun. We had all the usual party foods (chips and dip, crackers and cheese, fruit and dip, pizza, bubbly (non-alco) and rice crispies) so the kids enjoyed that.

The adults played some games while the kids split into 2 groups…their 2 yr old, their 3 yr old and our 3 yr old upstairs in his room, and their other 3 and our dd were in dd’s room playing other games.

The fun came to an end when one of the kids came down and said, “The boys are playing in the toilet!” Oh, nice…ย  Luckily it was their 2, not ours, so I volunteered our bathtub and Pierce’s extra jammies since they were soaked! I was glad I scrubbed the toilet earlier! lol still ewww though.

Now we have dd’s b-day coming up soon, then mine, then our 7th anniversary, then V-day! So the parties still won’t end for another month. And February is my month for Girl’s Night here. I love having an excuse to play ๐Ÿ˜€

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My dd and a friend are doing an AEP (advanced enrichment program) project together this year for school…their subject is the local animal shelter/pound. So today the girl and her mom and dd and I went to the shelter to get information and statistics.

While we were there, I told the lady we were interviewing about the dog we picked up and asked for rescue organizations’ numbers. She asked me some questions as well, and I told her about the dog.

She looked at me, kinda shocked, and said, “I think it was Monday when someone called; they said they had a Corgi about 7 years old they needed to get rid of. But we’re not taking in anymore animals until after the new year. I wonder if it could be the same dog! Is yours a male, neutered?”

I told her that it was and I guessed his age to be about 8. So, 7 or 8….makes sense! It must be the same one; maybe the people just didn’t want to take care of it anymore and dumped him off, then my dh happened to be there and got him! Crazy, huh??

Anyway, one of the numbers she gave me was to a Welsh Corgi Rescue group. I called that group up, told that lady my story and she saidย  she or another woman would arrange a pick up for the dog this weekend.ย  So we may have a place for this doggie to go to soon! Yay! I’m happy he’ll be going somewhere he can find a home that’s right for him.


*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

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I’d like the kitten to stop climbing the tree and knocking off lights and ornaments.

I’d like to get the new water heater and boiler out of my kitchen.

I’d like to sit for 30 minutes and paint ornaments without interruption.

I’d like to put the presents under the tree without worrying about the kitten and dog making chew toys out of them.

I’d like the laundry to do itself.

I’d like the bedroom to clean itself.

I’d like grocery shopping and cooking to do themselves.

I’d like Santa to take off these last pounds of “baby weight” for me.

I’d like for all the cookies I’ve been making to be calorie-free.

I’d like to have our addition finished so we can get the new boiler and water heater out of my kitchen.

I’d like to have our addition finished so we can have our new closets so we can clean our bedroom better.

I’d like to not stress about any of the above ๐Ÿ˜€

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This is officially Cookie Week in our house. The week before Christmas when we make tons of cookies!ย  Yesterday we started with pecan snowballs and chocolate crinkles. Tomorrow we’ll be doing sugar cookies and gingerbread men. I have a wicked awesome recipe for the gingerbread; they’re probably my favorite.

Friday is Girl’s Night. The woman hosting this month is having a cookie swap. She requested each of us to bring half a dozen to swap and take home plus a dozen to share at the party. I’m really looking forward to that.

Tuesday Gab has a church activity where they’re making plates to take to local missionaries. She needs a dozen for that.

I have a church thing (visit teaching) where I go with a partner to 5 assigned women from church…my partner and I go visit each woman with a brief message and a “so how’s things going.” I’m making plates of cookies for these 5 women and their families.

Then Gab and I have a couple families picked out to take plates to….we sing a carol and hand over the cookies. It’s been a tradition for the last 5 years. Lots of fun…we both look forward to it every year.

So…add all these cookies up and it makes for a week of major bakingย  ๐Ÿ˜€

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Today my baby is 6 months old!! Yay, baby boy ๐Ÿ˜€

I love watching all the newer and older Christmas movies this time of year! Rudolph, Frosty, Grinch (both versions), A Christmas Carol (any and all versions but love Muppets), A Christmas Story (you’ll shoot your eye out), Nutcracker, Polar Express, etc. There’s so many!!

So what’s your favorite holiday movie?

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