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We have carpet! Hooray!

Hopefully we’ll be able to get the majority of stuff moved in today! Can’t wait.

Too bad dh is sick.

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Our carpet was supposed to show up Thursday. Nothing.

So we figured maybe Friday. Nothing.

We were supposed to move our furniture into the new bedroom this weekend. Not anymore.


I really hate it when stuff like this happens.

On the up side, dh and I went out and bought curtains last night!! Yay!! Can’t wait to get them up…except we have to wait until the carpet is in…grrrrr….

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Here’s the before and after!


The wood on the wall to the left is where the hall to the addition is. Of course, this is what was under the wood paneling and ceiling tiles. The space behind the couches was where 2 windows were (where the addition is now).


Left wall is opposite to previous shot.


Here’s the after!


Wall opposite to previous shot.


This is a section of our new bedroom…can’t see it all in one shot. There’s a bathroom and 2 closets. There’s a door in the hallway to the addition for the laundry room.

So that’s it for now!

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I’m back finally!! The past couple weeks we’ve been living on beanbags in the kitchen ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s been interesting to say the least.

Our living room is now finished and we’ve only got one more week for the addition. I SOOO love it!

I’m sorry for ignoring drops and awards and promise I’ll get to them soon. When I logged into my email earlier, there were 200 emails! Yikes.

And eventually I’ll get some pics up of everything. It’s supposed to be neutral and earthy but classic, too, since it’s a farmhouse we’re updating.ย  My honey let me pick out the lights, paint, trim style, etc and he’s been in charge of the boring technical stuff, like the new boiler and how many outlets should go where.

I’m happy to be back and look forward to catching up!!

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Ours went well…the kids got plenty spoiled dh and I got everything we asked for ๐Ÿ™‚

Anything wild or crazy happen to anyone?

Oh, on Christmas Eve our construction crew took out our living room windows and boarded them up..then dh took off our ugly paneling on that wall. So the one wall is hideous! I’ll try to get a pic up.

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Our back yard is a huge mess! There’s a massive pile of dirt and a big hole!

Yep, our addition is beginning finally!! I’m stoked. Today the concrete is coming. Our 3 yr old is loving the big tractors and is excited for the concrete mixer…that’s how we got him to go to bed last night. We told him he’d need to get good sleep so he wouldn’t miss it today. It’s was great.

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So here’s the room, before and after. One room down, 2 to go (and a bathroom)!

In the before pic, the floor really was all splotchy and uneven…it wasn’t dirt.

My dd has been sleeping in her brother’s room during all this…sometimes in his bed, sometimes on the floor (thick futon mattress). Either one can be in either place at any given time. It’s been really cute; he even sleeps better when she’s in there with him.

The floor needs a couple more days to harden/dry all the way. She has actually had fun with the boy, but she’s still looking forward to get back in there!

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My dad decided that while we were redoing my dd’s floor, it would look good repainted, too. And while we were at it, might as well paint the trim! More work! It’s going to be a totally different room. So today is the second coat and the floor has to be stained. Wow…That’s what happens when you buy a 1920’s farmhouse!

Dd’s coming home today….hope she likes it all!

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Ok, not really. Catchy title, though, right?

My house just LOOKS like it’s been hit by a tornado. And at this point, it would be easier to deal with.

My parents are here visiting for a week and a few days. So all their stuff is around. Which is fine…I’m used to that part.

*back story= When we first got our dog, he went through an adjustment period. He peed and pooped and I think vomited in our dd’s room while we were gone a couple times. It was pure evil nastiness in there. Like someone got the elephant’s poo for a week then dumped it in her room.ย  Plenty of fun to clean up. Obviously, we tried to get the stench out, but nothing worked. Oh, yes, I tried every home remedy and nothing worked. Her floor under the carpet is hardwood, so we couldn’t soak the carpet for long because I didn’t want to warp the wood. So we finally gave up and tore the carpet up.

Now…My dad saw the floor and decided he’d help us re-finish it. I thought we’d go get a coat of lacquer of some sort and throw it on and be done… But noooo! Ever the perfectionist on home projects, he decided we have to rent a ginormous sander, sand the floor w/3 different types of sandpaper (that’s where we’re at now), stain it, wait 24 hours, then coat it with something 3 times.ย  So much for his vacation.

Where is her furniture, you’re wondering? In the living room. And the kitchen. And the sunroom. And the dining area. Her mattresses are propped up on one wall, so we have some new lovely flowers to look at.

But…when the floor is done, it’s going to be gorgeous!! I can’t wait…I’ll have to do a before/after shot to post. And my dd is totally going to wet her pants when she comes home from outdoor school!

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We’re going to add on to our house…not much, just a master suite. But it’s much needed! We’ve been playing phone tag with 2 different architects and contractor all summer. And neither architect worked out (long story). So we asked my brother to do it and he made a deal with Paul….drawings for web site designing/building.

And now we have our drawings!! I could not be more excited. I’m going to change my underwear now.

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