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A week ago, Paul was feeling really dizzy….long story short, the doctor said it’s vertigo.  Dizziness for no reason, basically, with no real time line to when it should get better.

I’m really surprised how many people have this from time to time. About half the people I talk to have this or their spouse does. For something that’s so common, I’m wondering why it’s not talked about more!

Recently I read (somewhere) that 2-3% of ER visits are due to vertigo.

Anyway, I just think it’s strange…and I hope it goes away soon.

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So after much thought, prayers and consideration, Paul and I have decided that we’re going to adopt!

We don’t feel our family is complete quite yet and trying-to-conceive hasn’t worked out. We’re in the process of picking an agency and we’re just hoping and praying we get accepted and can be on-the-way through the process soon. It’ll take a while, a “hurry up and wait” kind of thing, but we’re ready and excited.

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Naturally, it being April Fool’s Day, I had to do something to somebody. My dd and I were discussing this last night so it was on her mind this morning. So she was out. And the boys are too little. And my mom’s in Florida for a week so she was out.

That left my dh.

So I played it cool and mild.

“Hey, honey, did you know  your back tire is low?”

“No, where?”

“Back tire closest to us. Look.” He looked out the window but could only see the front of the car.

Me again..”Did you run something over last night?”

“No, it was fine while I was driving home.”

“Well, then, you must have driven over something in the driveway.”


He proceeded to get dressed and I thought he was on to me and just letting me get away with it. Then he went to the front of the house to see his car better and I followed him.

Me…”See it?”

“Where?” Then he looked at me and grinned. He really had fallen for it.

“Ha! Got ya…April Fool’s Day!”

Then he told me about how he had been worrying about getting it fixed and how much that was going to cost and how to get the car there, etc.

“See? I made your day better! Now you don’t have to stress about your car!”  Twisted, but good, logic 😀

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Dh got another weird text message a couple nights ago and sent it to my email.

I’m glad he told me what it was, not just the message, or he’d have been sleeping outside in the rain and mud.

Yo  im so hungry cant u bring me food now lol the other girls are eating and its maken me hungry

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I know he’s smart. I know he’s a valuable asset to your company. I know there’s quite a few things that only he can do there. And I know he’s working on a major project you have going on. And that there’s more than one he has to do.

But don’t you think you could send him home once in a while?  His curfew for work is 7pm…you’ve broken that many times in the last few weeks. Almost every night, in fact. And how about the 36-hour over-nighter last weekend? At least you fed him, so I can’t complain too much. I really am glad you have work for him to do. He’s a great guy and great employee.  You can’t find better.

So maybe this week you could let him come home before the kids’ bedtimes.

Thanks a bunch,

Lonely Wife

ps A bonus for all this would help, in time off or money.

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