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Yesterday we were walking out of our local pharmacy (me and the boys). It’s the kind of place where they know you by name, your kids, what’s going on in your life, etc. Very friendly and nice people.Β  We walked out and went towards the post office.

I yelled out to Pierce, who was running ahead on the sidewalk, to be careful and not run into the parking lot.Β  He stopped and turned around to acknowledge me. Then he took a step…right down 3 hard concrete steps. He rolled a bit then landed at the bottom right on his forehead. For a brief second I hoped he’d be ok.

Then I took a closer look. He had a big scrape on his head and it was starting to bleed. He also had a scrape on a leg (where it hit the edge of the step) and one on the opposite knee. I sat next to him on the step and hugged him then carried him (and the baby) back into the pharmacy to get some first aid spray. (Our bottle we had expired.)

They saw us walking in and immediately came to us asking what happened, seeing the obvious. The cashier took the baby from me so I could take care of Pierce better and we went up to the counter. Another lady got us a wet paper towel so I could clean the boy off and after a couple minutes we were ready to go. The cashier carried Dean and my purchase to the car for me.

When we got home, Pierce said his owies were feeling better. But they certainly don’t look better. Poor kid.

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A couple nights ago dh and I were discussing our trip this summer. I had been doing hotel research and noticed that many hotels’ prices were for 2 adults, 2 kids. Any more was extra.

We were saying we’re gonna have to get used to that kind of stuff, since we’re planning on having 4 kids. To us, that doesn’t really seem like a large family; 5 or 6 or more would. But to the standards of the US, 4 kids is.

So I’m curious…what do you consider to be a large family?

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First it’s called “pregnancy brain”…the cells in the brain actually shrink a bit. Then that goes away and the brain is devoted to what’s in the diaper bag….plenty of diapers, wipes, burpy cloths, bib, toys, formula adequate for enough feedings plus an extra just in case, bottles, water, tylenol, gas drops, tissues enough for 3 kids, cars for the 3 yr old, snacks for the 3 yr old, etc. And then there’s the individual needs of each of the kids and the husband. And the groceries and the laundry and the house cleaning. Then there’s the normal social things to think about…Who’s coming over when and we’re going to Who’s when.

So with all this (and more) the brain focus on only the important stuff and lets everything else disappear into the rest of the 90% of the brain. Where the keys are, whether the washer got turned on before leaving, if the oven got turned off, and whether or not the dog has been let out to pee today.

And yes, this is a true phenomenon. Ain’t motherhood grand??

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Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had the strangest dreams.

One recurring dream I had as a kid was in the house I grew up in. We had a very long drive way and were driving toward the house. We had a pond, and I decided I would walk from the pond to the house. The dogs were playing in it so I decided to join them. While swimming around, I felt a hot breath on my leg. I turned around, and there was an alligator with a jack-o-lantern onΒ  his head following me. I pushed the dogs to the edge in front of me, then would wake up right before it would get right on me.

One other was a few years ago, that I was at a toga party with a bunch of friends. I had a sheet on me in the typical toga fashion. I woke up and noticed I no longer had my pajamas on! I’ve had a few dreams where I changed my clothes and woke up in the same way.

But the ones I really hate are the ones where my kids are in trouble.

Last week I dreamt I was driving out of a driveway onto a busy 4-lane road. Pierce ran out in to the road to try to stop all the cars so I could go. I yelled at him to move but he couldn’t hear me…he was too busy yelling at the oncoming cars. I woke up from that one in a sweat with my heart racing.

After Dean was born, I dreamt we went to the mall. Paul and I were taking care of the baby and Pierce wandered off and we were running and screaming through the mall looking for him. Then we both realized we left the baby alone in a store and didn’t know which one. Woke up from that one with a racing heart as well.

There have been so many like those! I figure they make me more cautious of where my kids are when we go out.

Does any one else have psycho dreams like this??

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The first day of another new year. Love it πŸ™‚

Last night we had friends over. They’re about our ages with 5 cute little kids (and she’s pg with the 6th) ages 8 to 2. It was not the quietest night we’ve had, but it was tons of fun. We had all the usual party foods (chips and dip, crackers and cheese, fruit and dip, pizza, bubbly (non-alco) and rice crispies) so the kids enjoyed that.

The adults played some games while the kids split into 2 groups…their 2 yr old, their 3 yr old and our 3 yr old upstairs in his room, and their other 3 and our dd were in dd’s room playing other games.

The fun came to an end when one of the kids came down and said, “The boys are playing in the toilet!” Oh, nice…Β  Luckily it was their 2, not ours, so I volunteered our bathtub and Pierce’s extra jammies since they were soaked! I was glad I scrubbed the toilet earlier! lol still ewww though.

Now we have dd’s b-day coming up soon, then mine, then our 7th anniversary, then V-day! So the parties still won’t end for another month. And February is my month for Girl’s Night here. I love having an excuse to play πŸ˜€

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I have to admit, 2008 has been good to us. We had a healthy baby boy, traded our 2 older cars for a new one and a newer-used one, and are now adding on to our home.

But I’m looking forward to 2009. It’s always fun for me to look forward to all the birthdays holidays all over again. This year we’re planning on a trip back to Utah to visit my family in the summer. My sibs haven’t seen our baby yet and some of them still haven’t met our 3-year-old.

We’re also planning on going for one more baby this year, crazy enough πŸ˜€

I used to do the typical resolutions…lose weight, read more, etc. But the past couple years I’ve been working on me from the inside out. I resolved to be less quick to judge others and to not be so physically superficial looking at others. You know…to see a homeless man and not assume he’s a druggie-alcoholic. To see someone very obese and not assume they sit around and eat all day. Unfortunately, I had a bad habit of doing this. For 2 years this was my goal. I’m happy to say I think I’m more compassionate and less judgmental.

This year my resolution is to try harder to treat others as if they were my best friend. To have people walk away from me and feel better about their day or themselves after talking to me. And I don’t mean that egotistically… I can try to give them a compliment, love or support.

And it starts here in my home with my husband and kids. Family is number one. If something happened to one of them and they didn’t know my world revolves around them, then I failed that day. It sounds sober, but it’s supposed to be a good thing, really πŸ˜€

So all in all, I’m excited for this new year! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me and mine.

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I’m tellin’ ya….my family has got to be the most clumsy/klutzy one I know. One of us is constantly doing something ridiculous.

Poor Pierce…That kid just can’t seem to catch a break. Yesterday Dean had just fallen asleep on my lap when I heard a noise. I looked up and there was a little ball of boy in red pj’s rolling down the stairs. He got up, crying of course, and ran over to me. I hugged him (on one leg with one arm) until he calmed down then asked him if/where he was hurt. He told me, “My pinky toe hurts cuz I rolled down the stairs.” Luckily he’s ok…again.

A couple days ago it was my husband trying to take the fast way down the stairs. A couple years ago he put a hole in the basement wall tripping over a baby gate while going down.

I can just be holding something and then it just falls out of my hand…the remote, my toothbrush, fork, baby bottle, etc. Oh, yes, the list goes on.

Our dd can somehow trip or fall standing still. We’re still not sure how this happens, but it’s interesting when it does! We all get a kick out of it, even her.

No one has ever gotten more than bruises or slight scrapes…yet. We dohave 2 little boys. I’m so glad we have insurance.

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I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day and you enjoyed gorging! Β  The 2 pecan pies I made got overcooked a big, so I certainly couldn’t serve them to all of the family (Paul’s side) that came. Dh doesn’t like pecan pies, so it’s up to me and dd to finish them off…oh, the horror πŸ˜€

Since I had leftover pumpkin from the pies and bread I made, yesterday dh requested pumpkin cake. It was so good!

Now I plan out our Christmas menu. We’ll probably go to dh’s parent’s house (we always do), but I still always make stuff to take and stuff for our family to keep home. This year I’m going to make cranberry jello (with the nuts and orange stuff in it)….that’s as far as I’ve gotten…I’m such a slacker πŸ˜€

I make wassail or cranberry cider, so I’ll do a poll and see what everyone wants. I’m sure dh will want an apple pie or 2. And then there’s Christmas day morning; we invite dh’s parents over to our house for that and I try to always make a nice, big spread to kick off the day. I’ve got some ideas for that, too…mini bagel buffet, croissants, scones, fruit salad, eggs, pancakes, sausage….I just need to figure out what might go well together that I haven’t done in the past (it’s different every year). I’m open to ideas!

So today life is getting back to normal…normal weekend, then everyone goes back to their schedules next week.

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I have 4 siblings. I have 11 nieces and nephews. If everyone bought for everyone, it would get pricey. So what our family does is have the kids swap names for gifts. But last night one of my sisters called me with a different idea.

She suggested we anonymously sponsor a poor family or two and let all 14 of our kids buy for those kids instead of each other. I thought it was a great idea; my kids don’t “need” a thing. They’re plenty spoiled, and I know my nieces and nephews have what they need as well, and more.

So I’m really excited about this new project. One sil knows people who may need it; she said one family at church in particular couldn’t afford a full Thanksgiving dinner (they were planning on eating regular dinner–it gotten taken care of though). My 2 younger kids won’t know what the deal is, but my oldest will remember.

I’ll keep updating this as it continues.

Who knows, maybe we’ll start it as tradition.

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So we were just sitting around last night right before kids’ bedtimes and dh pulled out his latest new toy, LCD Christmas tree lights. He plugged them in and they were BRIGHT! After teasing him for a few minutes, I told him he might as well get out our tree and put the lights on, to see how they look (he got 5 strands). Didn’t take him long to go flyin’ out the door!Β  πŸ˜€Β  Our dd was right behind him; ds1 had to wait inside, since it was pretty cold and he was barefoot–kid hates socks.

Normally we wait until the day after Thanksgiving…I guess we’re a little more anxious than we thought. It probably has something to do with the early (for us) shopping we did over the weekend. He wants to put up a few more strands (he loves his tree loaded) then we’ll finish up with the decorations. We got the stocking stand up, too, since we don’t have a fireplace. I love the holidays πŸ™‚

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