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This is about the voting in CA, so if you’re tired of the subject, sorry. But I’ve got to get this off my chest.

If you’ve looked around my site or have read for awhile, you know I’m LDS (Mormon). And the Mormons have gotten a lot of publicity in CA for their stance on gay marriage. They have been targeted with hate crimes and have had protesters outside of churches. These people protesting are the same ones who have been shouting for tolerance!! How can  you say something like that, then turn around and show intolerance because you disagree? You don’t see any Mormons picketing gay clubs or beating up gay/lesbian couples.

We have a very strong stand against abortion…when “pro-choice” got voted in in CO, did you see Mormons bombing clinics?? Of course not.

There was a choice, a vote to be made (in both states). The options were given to us by the gov’t…yes or no. That means each of us has a right to our opinions, liked or disliked. The decisions were made by a majority. And that’s where it should end. Anything past that is poor losing and flat-out bullying and scare tactics.

The percentage of “no” votes in CA was 52%. Do people realize the Mormon population is no where near that? So that means others also voted no. 70% of black voters said no. That’s a huge group! And I know without a doubt not every single Mormon voted no…I know 2 people just in my church here in my town that have gay/lesbian siblings and they would have voted yes. And that’s just here, in the boonies, not out in CA where the population is higher.

I’m sick of all the blaming and hatred (and don’t go tell me Mormons hate gay people…if you do, I assure you, you’ll feel my wrath). The voting is over, leave people out of it! If you don’t like it, go to the government who gave us the choice in the first place and protest there.

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A couple days ago I woke up in a less-than-motherly mood. And my 3yr old woke up in a less-than-obedient mood. We butted heads over getting dressed and it actually took 45 minutes beginning to end. Fun, huh?

Then it was time to go on our walk. We discussed how he was supposed to behave, to sit and not try to run around. (Two days previous we battled for 3/4 of the walk…not fun. He wanted me to carry him and I tried to explain I couldn’t push the stroller and hold him. He didn’t like that so he cried, yelled, and sat on the ground. Finally I got him calmed down and we were able to finish our walk.) I didn’t want a repeat of that day. He agreed he would sit and obey, and I told him if he didn’t, we were just going to come home and he would be grounded.

We got to our destination to begin our walk and I pulled the stroller out, then my boy, and immediately he began fussing and refused to sit. I didn’t even get a chance to get the baby out.  We came home and he went to his room. I have since figured out this is not a good punishment because he happily played in his room and never asked to get out.

Anyway, I was just in a rotten mood…angry, frustrated, just quietly fuming. I emailed my husband and vented and asked him to say a prayer for me. About 5 minutes later, I was just sitting and then all of a sudden, there was peace. No more frustration, no more anger, nothing. Just pure compassion and love for my little guy. I brought him out of his room and hugged him and was in a mood to forgive and start all over again. All my patience had entirely returned. Like someone had flipped a switch.

Often it’s the parent that needs a change in attitude to make a better day, not the child that needs to change.

Later when my husband came home, I asked him if and when  he got the email. He said immediately, and I asked if he had prayed for me. He said he did, within a couple minutes. And that’s when I felt the peace came over me.

Coincidence? I don’t think so…I don’t believe in them. My husband’s (and my) prayer had been answered and Heavenly Father knew I needed help. It may seem minor to most, but to our family, it was a great display in prayers, faith and a miracle.

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During LDS church General Conference yesterday, one of the men who spoke said something I really liked. As a kid, he came home from from a football game; his team lost and he was upset. He told his mom, looking for sympathy, and she told him, “Come what may, and love it.”

Over the years he’s come to understand that statement. It doesn’t mean we have to love the bad things going on around us. We don’t have to love going through tough times. Or that when we are wronged, to take it lying down.

It means we need to appreciate the opportunities we have to learn and to grow. To enjoy being on earth and being a part of God’s plan.

I don’t know why, but I really liked that saying. It’s a little more sympathetic than my usual saying, Suck it up. So I’m going to try to remember this when I run into something difficult or my patience is being tested. I want to remember to love every moment with my kids and husband and not let a moment go unappreciated. I want to let it all come, and love it.

I’m looking forward to the other talks that will be given today.

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Hello, all my fellow LDS-ers.  Just a reminder that General Conference is coming up in 2 weeks!

We will be enjoying Conference from the comfort of our home on the BYU channel on tv instead of online like years past. Yay! I really do love conference…it’s such a fantastic spiritual boost. Even our Gab (she’s 10) likes taking notes of the talks now! And when it’s over, we’ll have a pop quiz 😀

(for those non-LDS, it’s when the leaders of our church have a world-wide conference…there’s different speakers discussing those things important for/to us….for anyone curious, it’s always open for anyone to watch.)

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I recently ran across this post and found it very thought-invoking.

There’s so many false things “out there,” we (as LDS people) have been asked (if we want to and feel compelled to do so) to correct these things and to share our beliefs with others. I’m not a preachy-type…at all…really….ever. But I do have faith and a testimony of my beliefs. And I don’t mind putting what I believe on my blog. I’m not going to tell you you should believe how I do, or shove it in your face. I like putting my LDS-themed topics on Sunday, and if you want no part of that, I certainly understand and am not offended. And I’m not going to tell anyone they’re wrong for believing as they do. This is just my little way of expressing that part of myself.

So I was thinking…how do you feel about this? LDS, Baptist, Catholic, Athiest, Hindu, Muslim, whatever faith/religion you belong to. How do you feel about sharing your beliefs (without being pushy and preachy) with others online or especially on YouTube? Do you think religion is better kept private or just shared when people ask? Are you bold enough to declare to the world what you stand for?

I’d love to hear what anyone has to say.

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I signed up to get on a LDS/Mormon blog site and thought I’d share it!

It’s for LDS-themed blogs or general/political/whatever else blogs written by LDS members. It’s really neat to see others’ POV and what they think of life in these latter days.

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This is one of the great things about my church. Salt Lake is already sending help in to the Gulf Coast, even before the hurricane hits.

Most people don’t know it because the church doesn’t announce it to the public. We don’t say, “Hey, look at us! We’re sending trucks in!” It happens quietly….without fanfare….without bragging rights.  Throughout the year, members are asked to make hygeine kits, infant kits, emergency kits, blankets, books for little kids, etc. All these things are shipped to Salt Lake City and then distributed throughout the world as needed. Members and non-members alike.  The article I linked to says, “…the Church provided 200 semi-truck loads of aid and 42,000 man-days of labor in response to Hurricane Katrina.”

Why? Because we’re all children of God, regardless or race or religion. We have the obligation, the duty, to help those around us.

“….Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink? When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee? And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”(Matthew 25)

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Those that are LDS know this story, or at least the person involved. For those who do not, J. Golden Kimball was one of the leaders in his time. He was known as the “Swearing Apostle” because he was quite colorful with his language.

“Uncle Golden” stories have become a type of folklore for members of the LDS Church. One of the best known has Church President Grant writing a “clean” radio speech for Kimball and ordering him to read it.  Once on the air, Kimball struggled with Grant’s handwriting and finally exclaimed, Hell, Heber, I can’t read this damn thing.

Many didn’t approve of Kimball’s swearing and language, but he had great faith and believed in the Church. So, I was talking with some friends from Church and they hadn’t heard the origins of the horns story, so I thought I’d look it up again and, while I’m at it, might as well put it up! It’s one of my faves:

It’s thought that many anti-Mormon preachers in the early days of the Church taught their members that Mormons had horns and that we were of the “congregation of the devil”…this was to keep their congregation out of the new church and I’m sure many felt that way (some still do).

In the 1800’s, members were harassed regularly. Mobs were common; harassing members and disrupting services and baptisms.  J Golden Kimball was a young missionary in the south at the time.  When a small mob was gathering on the other bank of a stream where a baptism was being performed, he called across to “Watch yourselves, we’re Mormons, we’ve got horns and we’ll gore the hell out of you if you come across!” It worked…the mob dispelled.

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Back in the early days of the LDS church, yes, polygamy was practiced. It started because many men were killed in massacres and fighting and the women and children left behind needed care. Then it continued on, and was declared official in Utah in 1852 by Brigham Young. Years later, when Utah was trying to become a state, the US government said, basically, “You can become a state, but the polygamy has to go.” In 1890, under Wilford Woodruff, Utah agreed to ban polygamy.  When Joseph Smith was alive, he wrote the Articles of Faith….13 short statements of what we believe. One of those articles is to obey the laws and follow the rules of the government. And the church was willing to follow the laws of the government. Utah became a state 6 years later. (There was a lot of controversy and tension between the Utah territory and the government between 1852 and 1890, so I’m just giving a quick overview.)

Many in Utah felt that the government had no right to tell them how to practice their religion; they felt that if a commandment came from God, it couldn’t be revoked by man. So they splintered off the mainstream group and continued polygamy. (One thing I don’t understand is if the group still believed in Joseph Smith and the Articles of Faith he wrote, how they could not follow the one about following the laws of the government.) They were (are) called the Fundamentalists, which group still continues today.  This group is not associated with the mainstream LDS church in any way. If someone in the church is found practicing polygamy, they are quickly excommunicated.

Sometimes we (me, Paul, my family, many “Mormons”) often joke about polygamy. I’m writing this because there are so many lies and distortions about the church floating around. It amazes me that people still think this is something we do. Which is why I’m putting it out there, as many others have.  If Paul ever came to me and said he had a revelation that he should have more than one wife, I would tell him that it was fine with me. But not to include me in that number! Besides, I think if he had 2 of me, he would change his mind pretty quickly. 🙂

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I heard a very interesting talk in church yesterday. Probably one of the best I’ve heard in awhile.

This older man spoke of when he was young and had bought a lifetime supply of his favorite shaving cream when it was on sale once. He knew he wanted it to last as long as possible, so he was very careful as to how much he used every day.

Then he spoke of life. He said there’s many things we can do to use up the supply of life God’s given us. If we smoke, we could die young. If we’re fortunate to live, our quality won’t be as good. Same for illegal drugs. Or even the strong legal ones. He reminded us of how important forgiveness is (7 times 70) and that, as well, can dampen the quality of life. Every dangerous thing we do can diminish our supply.

He said his shaving cream is now gone, at age 72, but his life is still going strong. He never bargained for raising boys who would use his shaving cream or girls who would use it for their legs. But for his children, it was worth giving his cream to.

He told us to be careful with life and to use it wisely, to not waste what we’ve got.

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