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We decided to par down our grocery bill lately. This can be difficult for me, since I like to make a wide variety of foods and they’re not usually boring or repetitive. I like the challenge of cooking complexly. So I came up with a menu for the week and thought I’d share, just in case anyone needs some ideas.

And if you have some, please share! If I get enough (7 or more), I’ll make a future post with them and links to your blog (was that shameless?)

  1. pancakes (already had a mix but it’s still only a couple bucks) & bananas
  2. breakfast burritos (tortillas, eggs, turkey sausage, cheese-had eggs and cheese, so $3.50)
  3. beef & green bean stir fry (only bought beef $5; neighbor gave us fresh green beans)
  4. turkey meatloaf and carrots ($4)
  5. pizza and mix veggies (under $6)
  6. bean soup and biscuits ($2.50 for soup mix)
  7. grilled chicken, veggies & new potatoes ($8)

Not bad! Not terribly interesting, but not awful either.

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Here’s a great (read evil and mean) walking workout for a treadmill. If your elevations are different, adjust to what you can. Elevation at a 3 is just slightly uphill. A 12 is pretty steep.  Good luck!

Keep your speed at 3.5…if you’re already in shape keep it at 4.

0-5 min…elevation at 3.

5-7 min…elevation at 9.

7-8 min…elevation at 5.

8-10 min…elevation at 10.

10-11 min…elevation at 6.

11-13 min…elevation at 12.

13-14 min…elevation at 10.

14-15 min…elevation at 12.

15-20 min…elevation at 3.

p.s. Did you know a treadmill used to be a torture device? Guess some things just don’t change.

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A couple weeks ago I invited a friend to come work out with me…I need motivation. And if I know someone is coming over, it’s motivation to push myself and give her a good workout. I get a sick kick out of making someone sore. 😀  Really, that’s when I know I did a good job and did it right…not trying to be mean or anything.  I’m not a personal trainer but I know what to do and how to do it well.

I told her this week I had been thinking about starting a workout group…a walking group on Tuesday and Thursday and a body sculpt/weight train group on Fridays. She thought that was a great idea, especially since she was thinking along the same lines. She also volunteered her house for Fridays since it’s rather big, and we can exercise there on the walking days if it’s cold or rainy.

So YAY!!! I made fliers and we’re starting up next week! The area where we’ll be walking is hilly, so it should be fun pushing 2 kids in a stroller uphill. Extra calorie burn! Wa-hoo!!

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So, since we have a garden spot now, we thought it might be a good idea to learn how to compost. I’m not talkin’ about “having a huge pile of banana peels on the counter collecting flies until they decay and I can throw them into the ground already falling apart” composting. But I don’t want to spend tons of money with a high-tech gizmo either. Just somewhere in the happy middle with veggie peels, egg shells, and leftover vegetables in some sort of container that won’t drive the neighbors away.

If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them. Or if you know of a great site I can go to, that’d be great, too. Any info is good! Our family is slowly turning green.

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Last week I went to cook dinner, but decided I didn’t want what I had planned. So I just threw something together and it turned out sooo good!!

Turkey & Portabellos in Garlic-Wine Sauce

  • a pound of turkey, cubed
  • 3 portabello mushrooms, cubed
  • 1/2 c cooking sherry
  • 1/4 to 1/2 c of flour
  • dash of nutmeg
  • couple dashes of oregano
  • granulated garlic
  • pepper
  1. Brown turkey, until just cooked through. Add mushrooms, cook for just a couple minutes.
  2. Season with garlic (plenty), nutmeg, oregano and pepper, then lower heat.
  3. In a small bowl, mix sherry and flour. Pour over turkey.
  4. Let simmer for a couple more minutes until the flavors infuse.

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My sister sent me an email and I decided to post about it. But, after some thought, I decided to make it a permanent page. That way we could help more animals.

Please go check it out (on the left)!

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This is one of the great things about my church. Salt Lake is already sending help in to the Gulf Coast, even before the hurricane hits.

Most people don’t know it because the church doesn’t announce it to the public. We don’t say, “Hey, look at us! We’re sending trucks in!” It happens quietly….without fanfare….without bragging rights.  Throughout the year, members are asked to make hygeine kits, infant kits, emergency kits, blankets, books for little kids, etc. All these things are shipped to Salt Lake City and then distributed throughout the world as needed. Members and non-members alike.  The article I linked to says, “…the Church provided 200 semi-truck loads of aid and 42,000 man-days of labor in response to Hurricane Katrina.”

Why? Because we’re all children of God, regardless or race or religion. We have the obligation, the duty, to help those around us.

“….Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink? When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee? And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”(Matthew 25)

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A while ago, I found a food blog that had a dinner plan for portobello burgers and sweet potato fries. I asked for the seasoning on the fries (cuz I’ve never done the fries before) and she posted the recipe. It looks so good! This is our dinner tonight. So much healthier than a beef burger and fried fries…not that I have anything against burgers and fries. It’s my winter jeans that do. So if it looks good to you, too, go check it out.

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I was reading a great blog today that had a post that sounded so familiar!

I don’t know a mom who, at the beginning of the school year, vows to do it all. We want to be friends with all the other moms, we want to make sure the kids have everything they need before they need it, and we have to do this effortlessly (or at least, to make it seem that way to everyone around us). And, the more kids you have, the higher the stakes.

Eventually we get burnt out. We fry our brains. Sometimes there’s not much left to fry, but it happens anyway. Do you know how the moms that seem sane keep it together? They say no.  “I’m sorry, I won’t be able to make the meeting this week. Hopefully I’ll catch the next one!”

This sounds so simple, but so hard to do. We feel if we say no, we might be failing someone or something. We’re not living up to “society’s” expectations. (And you remember who “society” is…read “I am They.”) We also don’t want to fail ourselves. BUT, isn’t it better to set reasonable goals than to let ourselves fall? I definitely think so. Sanity is priceless! 🙂

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A new acquaintance of ours recently told us he has a friend who’s favorite saying is “I am “they.” Brilliant!…I thought.

“They” are telling us how to raise our kids. “They” are tearing down the rain forests. “They” are causing pollution. “They” are causing our children to grow up faster, with clothes, music, peer pressure. “They” need to clean up the language on tv. “They” need to write to their congressman for change.

WE are “they.” YOU are “they.” Each one of us has the power to make a change; to do something positive in our lives and for those around us. We are responsible for our lives, to not blame something on someone else. If I don’t like the clothes the department store is trying to sell my daughter, I have the power to choose another store and not buy what is there. If I don’t like the shows on tv directed at my son, I have the power to turn it off. “They” don’t make the rules for my kids…I do.

You and I make up “society.” If “society” dictates music for our kids, you and I dictate music for our kids. If we don’t like it, we don’t have to conform, we can drive society!

Some of the most profitable movies that have come out of Hollywood have been family-rated movies..think Shrek, E.T., and Lion King. “They” made these movies profitable.

So, next time you want to blame something on “society” or “they”, remember….I am “they.

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