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A couple weeks ago I invited a friend to come work out with me…I need motivation. And if I know someone is coming over, it’s motivation to push myself and give her a good workout. I get a sick kick out of making someone sore. :D  Really, that’s when I know I did a good job and did it right…not trying to be mean or anything.  I’m not a personal trainer but I know what to do and how to do it well.

I told her this week I had been thinking about starting a workout group…a walking group on Tuesday and Thursday and a body sculpt/weight train group on Fridays. She thought that was a great idea, especially since she was thinking along the same lines. She also volunteered her house for Fridays since it’s rather big, and we can exercise there on the walking days if it’s cold or rainy.

So YAY!!! I made fliers and we’re starting up next week! The area where we’ll be walking is hilly, so it should be fun pushing 2 kids in a stroller uphill. Extra calorie burn! Wa-hoo!!

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Two weeks ago, I decided to get serious with losing weight. *sigh*

My goal is to lose 1 pound a week…I set it low because my time is limited. I don’t have a big chunk of time during the day to devote to any one thing…Dean cries, or Pierce wants attention, etc. I wanted to set something I could accomplish. So I figure, from that point, it’ll take 15-17 weeks to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Yeah, Dean liked Dairy Queen and Burger King while he was growing in there. Had to feed the growing baby, right? :D

I met my goal the first week, and tomorrow, for “Weigh-In Wednesday” I hope to meet it again. We pulled a stationary bike out of the garage over the weekend and I tried that out today. OW! I was surprised I could only do 15 minutes. So I finished off my time on the treadmill. I felt kinda jelly-legged when I got off, but it always feels really good to work that hard.

I’m dying to get back to a gym, but my old one closed down. The closest one to me charges for daycare per child, so I’d either have to go at night or take the 2 boys while Gab’s in school and pay for the 2. Plus most of their good classes are in the evening. But with my headaches and cooking dinner and everything else going on in the evenings, it’s very difficult to impossible.

So I’ll do what I can on the treadmill, bike and badminton and hope it works!

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I just find it very wrong that Paul and I can go on the same diet, eat the same foods for the same amount of time, I exercise (he doesn’t) and he loses 15 lbs and I lose 2!! Grrrr…

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I am very ready for a vacation but my body is not beach ready! Next week we’re heading to the Outer Banks for a week on the beach. It’s been a traditional vacation spot in Paul’s family since he was a kid and luckily I get to tag along.

I wasn’t planning on going this year; Paul and I had decided he would take the 2 older kids and I would stay home with the baby. I remember taking Pierce to Wisconsin for a few days and it was not the most pleasant trip we’d had.  He was a difficult baby and cried much of the time; the 11-hour drive was exhausting. So knowing I would be 4 weeks post-partum, I knew it would be best to stay home for multiple reasons. (can you say “hormones”??)

But things have a way of changing!! Dean came 2 weeks early and is a very easy little guy. I began to think about missing out on watching Pierce and Gab play and the wheels in my mind began to turn. Of course, Paul was all for me changing my mind. He wanted me there the whole time, but supported my decision to stay. But then another issue came up; my parents would be bringing Gab home (from her vacation w/them) and I couldn’t just turn around and leave them here. Luckily Paul’s parents invited them to come, so problem solved.

Ok, so that’s the background. Back to the point. I still have 15 pounds to lose!! I was a regular gym rat before baby came along and was in fairly decent shape. Babies have a way of changing things :D  Luckily I can squeeze into my swimsuit and I found some good self-tanning cream to help with my blinding-white legs.

So while I still may scare many small children, and give the older folks heart attacks, I’m looking forward to a much-needed vacation!

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