I find this very interesting, though I don’t really believe in coincidences. I totally believe things happen and we meet people for reasons; everything has its purpose in life and we just need to find it.

Anyway…my pregnancy with my #1 was easy. Not a lot of pains, morning sickness was over everyday at the same time, etc. And she was an easy baby; slept like a rock, her feedings were like clockwork, she slept well in the car.

The pregnancy with #2 was more difficult. I attributed that to my being 7 years older than the first time around. Morning sickness was bad, I had heartburn, my back hurt badly, I was exhausted, you name it! He turned out to be a difficult baby; colic, didn’t sleep well at all, spit up like a faucet, was jaundiced, cradle cap, and the list goes on.

Pregnancy #3 was easy. Much like #1, so it wasn’t about my age. I was tired here and there, but not bad and the morning sickness was very tolerable. Baby is easy and totally mellow. He’s only woken up once a night from birth (crazy, I know!) and is sleeping through the night (technically-7 hrs) at 5 weeks old.

So….coincidence? Does ease of pregnancy coincide with ease of baby?  Only one way to find out…have a dozen kids and keep score!

I’ll just continue to wonder.