My Girl’s Night Party

I was starting to panic yesterday morning when I had only heard from 2 people out of 5. One was coming, one wasn’t. But then I began to get phone calls so I had hope again! Three of my girlies showed up, then one called (who said she was coming) and said she wouldn’t be able to make it. So it was the 4 of us.

We ate and just sat around and talked for 4 hours! It was great.  Most men would have been bored to tears and the children would have preferred bed to our conversations, but it was nice. It’s not often I (or the others that were here) get opportunities to just sit around munching and chatting about whatever comes up.

One of the ladies is really going through some hard times; I could tell it felt good to be able to talk to others about her struggles. And it was good to hear; it helped me appreciate that my life is ok at the moment. We also got to know her better and understand her, which helps build friendship and love. We all could relate to her stories to a degree.

We discussed kids, husbands, faith, funny stories, and what we had in common. We were all quite surprised how pieces of our lives are so much alike.

I told them I’d like to do this again in 3 or 4 months; one friend suggested we rotate homes and said she’d take the next party. Another one said we ought to do this monthly and said she’d take a month as well. So hopefully this will be an on-going event.  YAY! I might have a social life once again 😀