A Talk in Church

I heard a very interesting talk in church yesterday. Probably one of the best I’ve heard in awhile.

This older man spoke of when he was young and had bought a lifetime supply of his favorite shaving cream when it was on sale once. He knew he wanted it to last as long as possible, so he was very careful as to how much he used every day.

Then he spoke of life. He said there’s many things we can do to use up the supply of life God’s given us. If we smoke, we could die young. If we’re fortunate to live, our quality won’t be as good. Same for illegal drugs. Or even the strong legal ones. He reminded us of how important forgiveness is (7 times 70) and that, as well, can dampen the quality of life. Every dangerous thing we do can diminish our supply.

He said his shaving cream is now gone, at age 72, but his life is still going strong. He never bargained for raising boys who would use his shaving cream or girls who would use it for their legs. But for his children, it was worth giving his cream to.

He told us to be careful with life and to use it wisely, to not waste what we’ve got.