No Parents at the Beach

A couple weeks go (not sure of date) my mom got into a fight with a horse and lost.

Somehow she got her leg hurt and, long story short, had to have surgery on Monday. The infection in the damaged part of her leg was deeper than the doctors thought, so they decided to go dig around and cut it out. She still hoped to come to the beach, but the doctor warned that an infection away from home could be very serious with a chance of losing a leg. And while it might be slightly amusing to dress up my mom as a pirate for Halloween**, it really is best she stay home and take care of her leg. Especially with the danger of sand getting in the wound.

So we’re all a little disappointed. We were looking forward to my parents hanging out with the kids at the beach for a week. But I’m thinking we should go to the Bahamas next year to make up for it!! 😀

**Disclaimer: the pirate comment is a joke!! No one write me telling me how terrible a child I am. I already know 😛