Pierce’s 3rd B-Day

Happy Birthday Little Guy!!!

It’s amazing how fast 3 years has gone by! He’s getting so big and has grown out of most of his baby trials. (yay!) He loves playing with his sister and daddy and he’s even sharing his prized “yellow blankie” with his brother. That’s quite a feat! He’s already got a good throwing arm and we’ll probably see him play soccer next year! Wow. He was “the baby” and now he’s the big brother; I think he and Dean will be pretty tight. I can totally see the 2 boys whispering in a corner, conspiring against their big sister. Can’t wait. 😀

He’s a little talker and likes to tell people, “I’m Piercey Comfort!” He comes up with the funniest things to say. Earlier this week he began saying to me, “Yes, sir!” I just laugh…at least it’s not “no”. His conversations with his animals and toys are hilarious. Sunday night he was supposed to be in bed, but we heard him saying, “Come on, kitten, take my hand! Come on kitten!” He wanted the kitten over the gate and into his room so he could play with her.

Hopefully he’ll eat his cake this year. I don’t have any messy cake pictures. He had a cold on his first birthday, and he only ate the cookies off the cake for his 2nd birthday. He’s much more willing to get messy and try new things now, so I think we’ll have some luck. If he does get into it, I’ll post a pic.