They Wanna be PC

Three optically challenged rodents,

Three optically challenged rodents,

They preambled over to the agriculturist’s spouse

Who removed their appendages with a carving utensil,

Have you ever witness such as scene in all your existence

As three optically challenged rodents,

Three optically challenged rodents.

Don’t you love how politically correct we’ve come to be? I found this PC version of “Three Blind Mice” when I was in high school and it’s stuck with me ever since.

I find it interesting how a nation like ours can claim to be so PC and “equal” to everyone but still have so many injustices. One small example (that I’m not going to get deep in to) is how a baby that’s born addicted to drugs or with FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) can be returned to his “mother.”

It just seems like people are more easily offended within the past few years. I think it started out right, geared towards people who were racist or bigots, to be less offensive. And I agree with that aspect.  I think, though, that groups like the ACLU have taken it farther than necessary to the point that many people don’t want to say anything related to race or the sexes. Women who stay at home taking care of the home and kids used to be “housewives”…now we’re “stay-at-home moms” or Domestic CEO’s. We all want to be respected, sure, but we need to lighten up and not take ourselves so seriously.

Ok, I’ll go first…I’m a short, white, nearly-blind, right-winged, SUV-driving soccer-mom and housewife who shops with a grocery list, carnivore who doesn’t always buy organic.

Who’s next? 😀