The Long Drive Down

Well, we arrived at the beach! We left our house at 8:40am and got to the beach house at 6:35; a 10-hour drive. Fun, fun! Gab rode with her grandparents so Paul and I just had the little boys in the car. They did absolutely great until about 5:30 when they reached their “I’m done being in the car” limit. Dean just fussed and Pierce could not stay happily quiet. This, of course, made the last hour of my drive rather uncomfortable, my left arm reaching back to Dean who would fuss without my hand on his face. Poor little guy. So it was great getting out of the car! The drive normally takes 7-8 hours, except when you have a 3 year old and a 7 week old.

The house is nice, of course, a very short walking distance from the beach. It has a nice little pool in back, too, when we get tired of the saltwater. Gabby is very brave in the ocean, much more than last year. And Pierce is really enjoying the pool. He is much more adventurous in it than the ocean; he’s intimidated by the size of it, as he should be.

The Outer Banks is a great vacation spot for families. It’s clean and “clean”. The beaches aren’t crowded and everything is geared towards families, including plays, aquariums, fishing, foods and clothing at the shops. Today we went mini-golfing, which Pierce loved, once he had free reign of the holes. He’s not much for structure and rules in games yet. There’s plenty of stuff we want to do and it’s going to be a great week.