Dog at the Kennel Story.

We decided not to take Cooper (aka Squeaky Chicken) to the beach with us, for numerous reasons. The main reason being that we simply did not have room in the car. We had so much baby stuff. So we found a place kinda nearby that looked and sounded good and took him there for the week.

Then one day, Wednesday, I think, Paul got a call from the owner saying our Chicken had escaped twice, and on the second venture, had cut his leg so she took him to the vet. When we filled out the requested paper work, there was a page that said if something happened to the dog, we were still responsible to pay for the vet bill.  We didn’t really think he’d get hurt at the place; Paul said it was set up well.

So we were thinking, great, now what?? Are we going to have to leave early to pick him up? How much is the vet bill going to be, on top of the kennel charge? And WHY did they let him escape the second time??? My opinion was (is) that he was just trying to find his way home…he’s a very loyal dog and it’s in his breed to stay close to his owner.

The owner said the dog was going to stay over night at the vet and had to have stitches. At this point we knew it wasn’t a little scrape like she was making it out to be. But she told us she’d call the next day and let us know how he was doing.

The next day when she called back, she told us Cooper was doing well and apologized profusely. She also paid the vet bill and told us not to worry about it! Yay!!!  😀   So while we may not need to use a kennel again, if we do need to, we’ll be taking him back there again.