Olympics Today!

The Olympics begin today in Beijing! I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the games. Gab and I watched some of the diving and gymnastic trials awhile back and it was truly amazing to see these athletes. The dedication and work they put into their sport is quite impressive.

I love the stadium recently built. It’s built to look like a bird’s nest and really does. The developers even had to make a new steel that would bend yet still support the structure. Can you imagine?? I wouldn’t have wanted that job in the beginning, but wouldn’t mind being paid for it!

I think it’s amazing that the world can actually come together every few years for summer and winter olympics and agree on the common rules and play games. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take these athletes and put them in the political realm and let them figure out the world’s issues and problems. Just for making it to the debates, each country would be a winner. They could compete to see what country wins an argument, and have 2 runners-up to help the winning country achieve their goals. Then every country has a fair shot…no rich vs. poor. No powerful vs. humble. No popular vs. invisible. Just skill against skill. And a group working together to achieve a common goal.

Here’s the link to the official Olympic page…it has awesome pics and the schedule of events. GO USA!!!! Bring home the gold!!