Anyone that knows a Rakisits (my maiden name, therefore my family on my dad’s side), knows that they have tempers and tantrums. (But not me of course!!) These are notoriously called Rak-Attacks. And they’re usually rather sizeable.

Anyone that knows Pierce knows he can throw a wild fit. Totally out of the blue. Well, I just put the 2 together a couple days ago…Pierce throws Rak-Attacks!! Holy cow! I finally, after 3 years, figured that kid out.

Of course, I realized this after seeing him mirror other members of my family in many years past (coughlastyearcough). Paul said he’s known this for a long time. I guess he must have remembered them from when we lived near my family. Like I said, I am absolutely immune to them, so the attacks went from my dad, straight to my son, and skipped me entirely. 😀