Predictability = Stability

Every night since Dean was born, we’ve wrapped him in a special blanket made for swaddling. He ends up looking like a cute little baby burrito, hands by his side. At 2 months old, he begins to get fussy in the evenings starting about 8:45pm. He’s ready to get ready for bed. I wrap him up and immediately he quiets down. It’s like turning on a light switch in the middle of the night. Amazing difference. Then he eats again and is happy until morning. He’s come to predict and look forward to the routine.

Many people feel that predictability in marriage and life is dull, in a rut. You hear it a million times. But there’s a huge difference in predictability and boredom. I can wake up every day with an outline of what will happen. Life is stable…I know what I’m going to feed the kids at each meal. I know they have beds to sleep in at night. I know my car is going to start when I have to go somewhere. I know there’s money if Pierce gets hurt, or Dean needs shots, or Gab needs her braces adjusted.

Fortunately, there are always ups and downs in my day. A couple nights ago, Pierce climbed in bed with us. I woke up in the morning to a huge wet spot by me..nice. So it was laundry first thing. Then the kitten peed in the dog’s bed. I had to go wash that by hand…fun. Then I knew I had company coming, so I had to rush to the treadmill and shower and clean up before they got here. All this by 9:30 am. This is what keeps life from getting boring.

So when you think life is getting too boring, just realize it’s stable. And, ultimately, stability brings peace. And if it’s still boring, shake it up! No one has control over your life like you do. There’s 2 things we can do: complain and do nothing and continue to be unhappy, or complain and make a change.

As for me and my life and family right now, I don’t have the option or time to get bored. With a 5th grader, a 3 year old and a new baby, every day is a new one. Predictable and stable but never boring.