Badminton & Table Tennis

I was totally surprised badminton and table tennis, aka ping pong, are Olympic sports!! I must not have paid attention the last few years.

Paul and I recently put a badminton set up in the yard for fun and exercise. He’s creamed me in a couple games, but it’s been a lot of fun. I can totally see how it really takes physicality and skill to play a real game. So I’m cool with this as a sport.

Now, ping pong…I know it’s considered a sport. I know they hit the balls over 100mph. I know it takes skill to play. BUT I still think it’s rather ridiculous to be in the Olympics! Paul and I got into a friendly debate last night over the subject. He read articles about it, stating facts, stats, etc. And I listened and agreed with many points. BUT, as I told him, I’m still entitled to my opinion. Baseball and softball are out after this year; there’s no rugby, lacrosse, golf, water-skiing, tug of war, or polo anymore. Ok, well, I see why golf isn’t there… 😀

Here’s a quote from a pro-table tennis website: “..suffice to say that how much talent you have doesn’t matter as much as how often you win. Don’t limit yourself just because you think you don’t have much talent – after all, how do you know until you have finished and see how far you got?”

That entirely proves my point! If it’s not skill, it’s luck. And what’s the point in having a “sport” in the Olympics that’s based on luck?!?! Anyone that’s played a real sport or has real athletic ability (running, basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc) can see this. (now I will duck as the ping pong fanatics throw balls at me. including Paul.)