Paranoid Driving

I was goofin’ off last night and ran into this post and couldn’t have agreed more! I’m one of the few “lucky” (or good-hee hee) ones that hasn’t ever been a car accident while driving. I was in a car *once* when the driver was hit, if that counts. I think I’m so paranoid when the kids are in the car! Even with my good track record, we got a car with all-around air bags and excellent safety ratings (’08 Highlander).

One of my pet peeves is seeing kids under the recommended age in the front seat. I always want to yell rude comments to the driver, which I know I shouldn’t do…but it’s tempting. A couple years ago I saw a woman at a yard sale with a new baby. And I do mean new…no more than a month old. She got into a pickup with 2 other adults….ok, math time. Three adults, one baby, pickup truck. NO CARSEAT! One of the people I was with reported her/the pickup. My heart just broke for that poor baby. 🙁

Pierce loves watching “Go, Diego, Go!” on tv. One thing Diego says is “Seat belts, so we can be safe!” We recite that 90% of the time we get into the car. He never argues…it’s just the way it is. When Gab was little, she’d always (still does!) yell at my dad, “Papa, carseat!” Meaning, of course, put your seatbelt on!

There’s too many people who are careless or oblivious on the roads. It makes me do double duty to keep my kids safe in the car. So, buckle up your kids and follow the seatbelt recommendations!!