Exercise & Weight Loss Goals

Two weeks ago, I decided to get serious with losing weight. *sigh*

My goal is to lose 1 pound a week…I set it low because my time is limited. I don’t have a big chunk of time during the day to devote to any one thing…Dean cries, or Pierce wants attention, etc. I wanted to set something I could accomplish. So I figure, from that point, it’ll take 15-17 weeks to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Yeah, Dean liked Dairy Queen and Burger King while he was growing in there. Had to feed the growing baby, right? 😀

I met my goal the first week, and tomorrow, for “Weigh-In Wednesday” I hope to meet it again. We pulled a stationary bike out of the garage over the weekend and I tried that out today. OW! I was surprised I could only do 15 minutes. So I finished off my time on the treadmill. I felt kinda jelly-legged when I got off, but it always feels really good to work that hard.

I’m dying to get back to a gym, but my old one closed down. The closest one to me charges for daycare per child, so I’d either have to go at night or take the 2 boys while Gab’s in school and pay for the 2. Plus most of their good classes are in the evening. But with my headaches and cooking dinner and everything else going on in the evenings, it’s very difficult to impossible.

So I’ll do what I can on the treadmill, bike and badminton and hope it works!