Poor Dean

Yesterday Dean got is 2 month old shots. Two in each leg and an oral vaccine. He took them rather well. He cried for a little while, but after a couple minutes of rocking him and cuddling him he settled down. The problem arose at 2:45pm.

He was taking a nap; I was cuddling him and he started screaming and screaming and screaming. This was so unlike him that I got Paul out of the basement and had him run to the store for some Tylenol. He screamed for about a hour. We read on the take-home pamphlets that the doctor gave us, that if an infant cries for 3 hours after shots, to visit the doctor again or go in to the hospital. So we were getting pretty worried after an hour. Luckily, shortly after he took the Tylenol he seemed to settle down. Most of the rest of the evening went all right. He had another crying episode right before bed. He just seemed very tired and very sad. I’m thankful we don’t have to do that again for 2 more months.

I know that vaccines are worth it in the long run. It just makes a hard day on a poor baby.

Vaccination Schedule

Vaccination Safety

I know the vaccine topic can be very controvercial and a lot of people are choosing not to get them for their babies. That’s why I am so much more adamant about getting them. If there are more kids out there spreading around scary preventable diseases it’s even more reason to protect mine so they can have the advantage of not getting polio, hepatitus, rotavirus, and any number of other things.