So Proud of Olympians

I’ve had a great time watching the Olympics this year. I’ve been glued to the channels that show the sports and have learned so much. I’ve rooted for the US teams/Olympians and have been disappointed with them when they lost a match/race/game.

I’ve loved watching the beach volleyball duo win match after match; they haven’t lost in a year and have been the only pair to go to 2 Olympics (much less win both!). The women’s soccer was amazing; they pushed themselves so hard and played as a real team.

I’ve also cheered on many others around the world. We’re all God’s children and everyone that competed obviously worked so hard to get there.  I admire that spirit and determination. They combined their God-given talent with countless hours of sweat and tears to get them where they wanted to be.

It really makes me wonder…what am I not doing that I should with my talents? Where could I take myself if I tried that hard?