So Frustrated at Technorati!

Technorati is supposed to be one of the best blog sites. They have thousands of blogs and bloggers talking about everything under the sun and more. The quality of most of the blogs is high and the people are interesting and, in most cases, friendly. And I’d like to get my blog noticed on their site more.

BUT THEY WON’T UPDATE MY BLOG!! I waited over 30 days (35, I think) the first month after I signed on with them, before I emailed them to ask to update me. About 3 days later they did. I figured they were bogged down with new blogs and it was just taking awhile, and I’d stay updated. But, nope! Twelve days later and I’ve not been updated again. Almost every day I go on and hit the “ping” button. And my blog says I’ve been successfully pinged. Again, nope!

The really frustrating thing is that Paul’s being updated, and he’s way more infrequent than I am at writing. I think it’s a new blog conspiracy….I’m new, so I get put aside. How am I supposed to get noticed and move ahead if they push me back??

You’d think a site like theirs, with all the raves people give it, would be able to stay up-to-date. I’m signed up on a couple other places of slightly less notoriety and have no problems being updated at all.

What the heck, Technorati?!?!