I sat down to write something and just couldn’t find anything to say.

I’ve done the bit of politics (that’s as far as I get!), the animal posts (LOVE animals), the kid post (Halloween)….

So I guess I’ll just ramble for a bit. Hope you don’t get bored!

I love this season. I love the holidays coming up; decorating, something to look forward to, parties to throw, the changes in smells and sights. I love making a hot dinner for my dh and kiddos when they come in from work or playing outside. I love having an excuse to make apple pie. Or cider, or bread, or applesauce. I love the cinnamon smell in my kitchen.

I love watching the leaves turn colors and trying to pick my favorite one. Bright red, yellow, orange…it’s amazing. Like splashing a bucket of paint on the trees. I love the smell of the leaves and pines.

I love bundling up babies in soft, fuzzy clothes and how cuddly they are. And I love the chill at night and putting a thick quilt on my bed.

This is my (second) favorite time of year and I love drinking in each day.