Have You Seen This?? 9/11 Memorial

This is amazing! My mom sent me this in an email as well and I absolutely had to share on the occasion.

This man, John Holmgren, used his own money to have his truck/trailer painted as a memorial to 9/11. He said, “”It seemed to me like people were forgetting 9/11.”  He heard the country song “Have You Forgotten?” and created his message in a very big way.  “It’s just my way of respecting the families, and it turned out to be so much more,” says Holmgren.

I don’t think anyone ever forgets, but I do think people in general forget how easily our freedom and our lives can be taken away from us. There’s no guarantees in this lifetime, other than “taxes and death,” and we need to remember this. We need to treasure every moment in life and be thankful for each day we have with our loved ones.