Have You Seen This?? 9/11 Memorial

This is amazing! My mom sent me this in an email as well and I absolutely had to share on the occasion.

This man, John Holmgren, used his own money to have his truck/trailer painted as a memorial to 9/11. He said, “”It seemed to me like people were forgetting 9/11.”  He heard the country song “Have You Forgotten?” and created his message in a very big way.  “It’s just my way of respecting the families, and it turned out to be so much more,” says Holmgren.

I don’t think anyone ever forgets, but I do think people in general forget how easily our freedom and our lives can be taken away from us. There’s no guarantees in this lifetime, other than “taxes and death,” and we need to remember this. We need to treasure every moment in life and be thankful for each day we have with our loved ones.

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  • J

    that is too cool, what a nice way to remember

  • When the 1st year anniversary came around, my girl and I went to NY to pay respects (and to be tourists…don’t get me wrong). I was so moved by the atmosphere there that I got a tattoo to remember…always remember. I didn’t get time to make a post of that yet, but will be eventually.

    I think that’s incredibly cool! Thanks for sharing that.

  • As I talk to other people in other countries about political things I often bring up 911. They respond with something like: “why are you Americans so obsessed with 911?” It was a day I will never forget. I did not know anybody that was killed that day, but it was as personal as any death in the family.

  • As fragmented a country as we seem, we really do pull together in times of distress and tragedy. And that makes it more personal.
    I grew up with a guy who was supposed to be at work in the Towers, but had to go elsewhere that day. That’s as close to a tragedy like that as I’d ever want to be!

  • cool stuff man! this was really good work!