We Have Evil.

😀 Knew you’d look.

I picked up our kitten, Jasmine, aka Evil Furball, up from the vet yesterday. As rotten as she can be, I feel bad for her! We had her spayed, declawed, feline leukemia tested, and 4 shots done. She’s up and walking, but not the happiest cat I’ve seen!

But we’ll all be better for it…she won’t get squirted for scratching the couches, poor little Dean won’t get his toes bitten, Squeaky Chicken won’t have his bed peed in anymore (hopefully), and Gab’s hands won’t look like she’s been playing with a barbed-wire fence.

This is the kitten Paul brought home from work. One of his coworkers came up to him and told him maintenance found 4 tiny kittens and were about to throw them away (heartless redneck hicks!!!). One was already dead from starvation. The coworker knew we’re animal-lovers, so she knew Paul would take one.   Jasmine  was almost 2 weeks old, judging from her eyes and walking (she wasn’t). We really didn’t think she’d make it…she was totally bony, you could feel every one. It was so sad! I put her in a cat bed next to me on my bed for the next few nights (so I could feed her at night) and every morning; I didn’t think she’d be alive each day. But she made it. I bottle-fed her for 4 weeks (5 or 6 times a day) then taught her to eat canned cat food, then dry. Squeaky Chicken taught her to drink out of a dish…I wasn’t about to do that. (He had to b/c the other 2 cats wouldn’t go near her. )

And now she’s about 6 months old and a very normal, healthy, wild kitten! It’s nice to have her home again.