YouTube Testimonies?

I recently ran across this post and found it very thought-invoking.

There’s so many false things “out there,” we (as LDS people) have been asked (if we want to and feel compelled to do so) to correct these things and to share our beliefs with others. I’m not a preachy-type…at all…really….ever. But I do have faith and a testimony of my beliefs. And I don’t mind putting what I believe on my blog. I’m not going to tell you you should believe how I do, or shove it in your face. I like putting my LDS-themed topics on Sunday, and if you want no part of that, I certainly understand and am not offended. And I’m not going to tell anyone they’re wrong for believing as they do. This is just my little way of expressing that part of myself.

So I was thinking…how do you feel about this? LDS, Baptist, Catholic, Athiest, Hindu, Muslim, whatever faith/religion you belong to. How do you feel about sharing your beliefs (without being pushy and preachy) with others online or especially on YouTube? Do you think religion is better kept private or just shared when people ask? Are you bold enough to declare to the world what you stand for?

I’d love to hear what anyone has to say.

5 comments to YouTube Testimonies?

  • Well, I wouldn’t share them on Youtube but I’m usually okay with getting into religious discussions on forums – provided no one is trying to convert anyone else.

    For the most part I think religion should be kept to yourself in day to day life, but when it comes to intelligent discussion on the topic then I’m fine with that. I just don’t like when someone brings up their religion in an attempt to convert others or insult them (your bad, you’re going to hell!).

    I think if we understand each others religions and views then we can respect each other more. Like, if I know WHY someone is doing something (it’s part of their beliefs because blahblahblah) then I’m less likely to be like “man, what a weirdo.”

  • Well put. It drives me crazy when people start “Bible Bashing.” And I def agree with the last lines! It’d be nice if more people would understand others.

  • Intelligent discussion about religion is fine as long as people have an open mind and don’t bash other beliefs in an attempt to convert. I think having an understanding of different religions is important if we’re to get along. Most religions have similar fundamental beliefs – they just have different ways of expressing them.

  • I openly share my beliefs which are pretty left field, to be honest. In the end of it all, I believe the core of things is to be a good human, in all regards. I won’t leave a book for a comment, but I will say that any religion that preaches peace and harmony is alright by me.

  • I feel free to share my faith so long as I have something relevant to share. I do not blindly share – but I do share. As to YouTube… it would have to be something that I felt added to a larger discussion.