One Lonely Cantaloupe.

As you probably know, we decided to plant a garden this year. We didn’t know what we were doing…we threw a bunch of plants in the ground and hoped they’d grow.

Our zucchini started out great. Then some little bugs got into them and killed them.

Our pumpkins are weird…kinda mis-shaped. But we got a few and they’re gonna make some good pies.

Our cantaloupe flopped. As did our watermelon. The cantaloupe started out great…we had quite a few growing…6 I think.  Then I made a big mistake.

I weeded the garden. I thought they were supposed to be weeded, too. Crazy, right?

And the melons shriveled and died. We got 2 first…the first was really mealy. The second had no flavor. But then we saw one off to the side, one lonely cantaloupe nestled in some tall grass. So today Pierce and I picked that melon since it was finally ripe. And it was probably one of the sweetest I’ve ever had! Super juicy, too.

So I’ve learned my lesson!! I’ll never weed my garden again! 😀