I’m Cheap.

We decided to par down our grocery bill lately. This can be difficult for me, since I like to make a wide variety of foods and they’re not usually boring or repetitive. I like the challenge of cooking complexly. So I came up with a menu for the week and thought I’d share, just in case anyone needs some ideas.

And if you have some, please share! If I get enough (7 or more), I’ll make a future post with them and links to your blog (was that shameless?)

  1. pancakes (already had a mix but it’s still only a couple bucks) & bananas
  2. breakfast burritos (tortillas, eggs, turkey sausage, cheese-had eggs and cheese, so $3.50)
  3. beef & green bean stir fry (only bought beef $5; neighbor gave us fresh green beans)
  4. turkey meatloaf and carrots ($4)
  5. pizza and mix veggies (under $6)
  6. bean soup and biscuits ($2.50 for soup mix)
  7. grilled chicken, veggies & new potatoes ($8)

Not bad! Not terribly interesting, but not awful either.