What Would You Do?

Your brother (your only sibling!) was born with one kidney. Now it’s failing. You are a match to donate. Would you do it? I think most would.

Ok, let’s add a catch. You’re an athlete and you have a career ahead of you. Giving up a kidney would sacrifice your dream. Would you still do it? I’d still say most would. It would be tough but I think most people would to save a sibling.

Let’s make it a little more tricky. Your brother drinks, smokes and has taken drugs (cocaine & marijuana for many years. And even now that he’s on dialysis, still does. You know that this not only jeopardizes his body’s acceptance of your kidney, but that doing these things will ruin it.  Would you still do it? Is it your obligation to do your part to save your brother? Or would you make stipulations?

Personally, I’d have to see my brother turn his life around. If he has another shot at life, he would need to appreciate the gift.

(this was taken from Dr. Phil yesterday)

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  • As cruel and harsh as this may sound, if I am going to give up my career as an athlete, to give him a new kidney, he would have to stop doing all that extra curricular stuff. However, you have to remember alot of addicts will quit, to get short term praise or effects, only to start using again. That is a very hard decision to have to make. He may be doing drugs, and other reckless things, just because he knows he is going to die. Who cares, might as well just live. Maybe if he got another chance at life, he would change, but who is to say he would. Very hard, I feel for the people that were actually put in this very tough spot.

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  • i think it is built into me to give the kidney no matter what because its immediate family. Any other family i may not consider it.

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  • Very tough call. I do not know if I can make it considering my brother still does the same thing that damages the kidney, I may have second thoughts giving away mine. I know I sound tough and maybe heartless to some, but we do all have responsibility of taking care of our body and health. I won’t hesitate to donate one of mine though and give up my career if I see a positive change in my brother. But then again, this is an ideal response, I do not know how I will truly respond if I were in a situation because a lot of times our heart calls for to help in whatever way we could.

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  • Oh poop, we have two right? I’d give one up if someone asked me nicely.

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  • It really depends, how long does he have to live? Does he have time to turn his life around?

    If there is a major time constraint, then I would have to give it to him and hope for the best.

    If he had enough time to prove he was capable of change, then of course I would require that the harmful behavior stop before I could seriously consider giving him a kidney.

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  • Mrs. X: I think he did have time…he didn’t look paper-white like you’d expect someone in his shoes to.

    My dh made a good point yesterday when we were talking about this…he asked, “Why would my brother want me to give up my dream if it’s possible he can find another donor?”

    The guy who needed the kidney is 21…his brother is 19. 19!! I can’t imagine being faced with a decision like that at that age.

  • I’d give my kidney up. On the condition he went into rehab after recovering. There are lots of other people with lots of other kidneys out there.

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  • that would be a very hard decision to make but i’d still do it because i know he’ll take care of it. i had a relative who needed a kidney. his sister gave him one, but he didn’t take care of it. after recovering, he went back to his old lifestyle, smoking and drinking. he died a few months ago. the sister is now in the US, married and studying nursing but the sad part is, she can’t have a child because her body is very weak.

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