What Would You Do?

Your brother (your only sibling!) was born with one kidney. Now it’s failing. You are a match to donate. Would you do it? I think most would.

Ok, let’s add a catch. You’re an athlete and you have a career ahead of you. Giving up a kidney would sacrifice your dream. Would you still do it? I’d still say most would. It would be tough but I think most people would to save a sibling.

Let’s make it a little more tricky. Your brother drinks, smokes and has taken drugs (cocaine & marijuana for many years. And even now that he’s on dialysis, still does. You know that this not only jeopardizes his body’s acceptance of your kidney, but that doing these things will ruin it.  Would you still do it? Is it your obligation to do your part to save your brother? Or would you make stipulations?

Personally, I’d have to see my brother turn his life around. If he has another shot at life, he would need to appreciate the gift.

(this was taken from Dr. Phil yesterday)