A Couple Things…

First, we finally started our composting. Since it’s the end of our garden for the year, we’re doing the “dump and bury” method suggested to me earlier by 32 Flavors.  Next year in the spring we’ll probably go for the more complex method Midwest Mom told me they do.

Second, I decided what I want to be when I grow up. A weatherwoman. Seriously, it’s got to be the best job in the world. You’d never get fired. Ever, even if you blew (no pun intended). Our weather yesterday was supposed to be overcast and rainy. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. And so what does a meteorologist say? “Well, folks, look like we got lucky and missed that storm!”

And if it was supposed to be sunny and it rained and stormed, all they’d have to say is, “Wow, that storm caught us by surprise…due to the pressure from the north mixed with the westerly breeze, it just popped up out of nowhere.”

You’d always be right, no matter what the situation would be….so I guess it’s kinda like being a woman 😀