Economic Scare(y).

The rumor is Washington Mutual went under because of a run on the bank yesterday. Word on the ‘net is that there have been a few other runs around the country. Sound familiar?

The government is trying not to say the word “depression”…instead they’re saying “recession.” Recession as in bald guy or just receding hair line?

We learned about the Great Depression in the history books and shows on tv…or we heard about it from our grandparents. There are stories of families packing up wagons and cars with their belongings and driving around searching for jobs. There were signs up that told would-be workers, “No jobs here…keep moving.” Whole families would work for mere bread. Hundreds of hollow, hungry faces stare up in pictures in lines at soup kitchens.  Parents gave food to their children and ate nothing themselves. Many put cardboard in their shoes because there were holes in the soles.

But you never think it will happen in your lifetime.

And it probably won’t, to that extreme. But, if there is a depression, how will your life change? Is your job secure? Do you have food for your kids stored up? What about extra blankets and water? A generator with extra gas? Do you know what you could cut to minimize your bills?

I certainly don’t think a rush on the grocery stores would be helpful, so I’m not suggesting we all go out and buy stuff. But it is a good time to think and get ready for recession, whether it is fully bald or just receding.