So Thankful.

Lately we’ve decided to cut back on our spending. We’ve cut Rhapsody, Starz movie channels, groceries (splurges/unnecessary stuff), and this week car payments. How?

We traded in Paul’s ’02 Altima to a ’04 Corolla S. Trading cut not only car payments, but gas (yay!) as well.

On our way home from the dealership, we stopped and got milk.  I remarked to Paul, “You realize how blessed we are?  We’ve got 2 nice cars, a home, a big yard (half acre), toys for the kids, clothes for the kids. We can buy milk whenever we need to. We never worry if we have food for dinner. Our kids don’t need to go without a meal. We can go to the doctor when we want to. We buy the diapers we like, not the cheapest ones out there. We’re certainly not rich, money is tight, but we have some nice things, too.”

Of course he agreed.

I’m a firm believer when you’re in trouble, you’ve got to row for shore while praying for a breeze. And while my sweet husband works hard for what we’ve got, I also believe in being thankful to my Heavenly Father for giving him the job he has (long story, but trust me…it was no coincidence.)  So this Sunday, I’m so thankful for all the many blessings I have.