Sleeping Troubles…Again.

Our second child, Pierce, is 3. He’s my high-maintenance one. From the time he was a week old, he wanted to be stuck back to me. I would go to bed and Paul (who always stays up later than me) would take the midnight feeding. For about 5-6 nights (at a week), baby would cry for 2-3 hours, no matter what we did. One night I just decided to take him to bed and cuddle him. That was the first night he didn’t cry…he actually slept 3-4 hours. The next night I took him to bed with me…no crying. We thought he stopped the problem, so I went the next night without him. He cried. We noticed the pattern. He was a momma’s boy. I had heard people say newborns know their parents, but as long as their needs are met, they’re fine with anyone. That is false.

So anyway, he was never a real good sleeper. He’ll do fine for a couple months, then spend a few weeks waking at night or going to bed really late. It’s just the way he is…my oldest and youngest are entirely different from him. And that’s fine…each has their own needs.

When Pierce was old enough to move from the crib (about 18 months), we put him directly in a regular twin bed. It’s low, so he could get in and out easily. To help him from falling out, we put up a side rail. About a week ago, I figured since it’s been getting cooler, and he’s getting bigger, I could take the rail off his bed and put a nice quilt on. I made a big deal out of it, saying how special it is, that it’s a big boy blanket, etc. And he was thrilled! He loved it. That night he got out of bed and cuddled with Daddy. (due to Daddy’s reflux, the dr suggested he sleep on the couch, propped up.) And the next night. And the next night. And, as I said, this started a week ago.Β  After a few nights of my husband not sleeping well because he had a fidgety 3 year old laying on him, I told him to just bring him to my bed. Once the kid’s asleep, he’s pretty solid and it doesn’t bother me.

Two nights ago, he slept on the stairs. Right on the landing, next to the dog. He was found in the morning. Paul said he wondered why the dog kept walking around all night…he couldn’t sleep with the boy next to him!

Last night, Pierce decided to skip the middle man…he went right to my bed, on my pillow. *Sigh*

And yes, we’ve tried putting him back in his own bed. Each time, he wakes up 15 or 20 minutes later, and goes back to one of us. I’m sure if we did this often enough he’d give up and stay in bed. But it’s not a big enough battle that we’d want to fight in the middle of the night. (if you are going to fight a battle, pick them wisely because you have to win…don’t ever lose) We know he’s not going to be 16 crawling in bed with us. Everything’s a phase.

I know I’m rambling on…I just wonder how long this is gonna last!