For or Against Co-Sleeping?

When I was a teenager, I had a few of those, “When I have kids, I’ll never…” You know how that goes. Spank, make a kid sit at the table until they’re done with their dinner, make them do chores, say things like, “Because I’m the mom!”, and co-sleep.

Well, I’ve stuck by the dinner one at least.

I’ve blown the other ones.

Even after I had my oldest (my dd), I swore I wouldn’t co-sleep. I thought parents who did were crazy or lazy. Or just hippies.

Then my second child (the non-sleeper, Pierce) came along. It was a matter of days before I was cuddling that kid at night. He was different. He needed it to sleep, to be secure, whatever the reasons were, he just was different.Β  (BTW, we got him to stay in his bed 2 nights in a row now after his recent issue. How? We told him to….when it was bedtime, we explained he needed to stay in bed until “the big sunshine comes up in the morning.” It worked…go figure!)

With my youngest, I’ve not co-slept with him once. Like his big sis, he’s not the type that needs to. The most I’ve done was to let him fall asleep with me after a 5am or 6am feeding, until I felt it was time to get up. And that was when he was 6 wks old, at most.

So I’m wondering how many parents are for or against co-sleeping? And are you firm, no matter what?

Obviously, I’m in the middle. If a kids needs to, ok…if it’s not a real need, they stay in their own bed.