Cozy Pajamas and Thick Quilts.

A finally gave in and pulled the quilts out of the closet. I love the quilt season, just hate the snow that inevitably follows autumn. Our leaves are turning colors nicely and the air is beginning to have that crispness to it. We put some of our pumpkins on the front porch and our neighbor came by today with some corn stalks complete the ensemble. We gave the kids 2 of the littler pumpkins to put on the playhouse porch and there’s a cute autumn wreath…it really looks darling. My dad built it last year for them and they love playing in it.

It was so nice last night! I forgot how much I love putting a nice thick quilt on my bed and just snuggling into it. I slept so much better…the cat that usually sleeps on me didn’t have to move. She never got kicked off!

Pierce (who’s staying in his bed all night again), woke up very happy. He wore his first 2-piece flannel pair of pajamas and loved them. They’re red plaid with the buttons down the front of the shirt…so cute!

Dean (baby) is in footy jammies, too, instead of gowns…he’s so snuggly. I love babies in fleece footy jammies.

I gave Gab an old pair of of satin pj’s I have had and not worn in awhile. It’s her first set of satin, so she’s loving it. 🙂  She’s really surprised at how warm they are.

So now that this is all settled (new pajamas and quilts on the beds), the weather is bound to heat up on me.