Seriously Funny.

When I do Entrecard and go to blogs, yes, I do always read. I try to comment as much as possible…I guess I just enjoy sharing my opinion with total strangers 😀

So this morning when I was dropping I found something truly hysterical. I’ve been to this one blog before…Blue Monkey Butt… and what first caught my attention was the name. It was like something I would say or write.

(My dh and I have a joke…I pat the cat so she lifts her tail at him then yell “kitty butt”. He always looks, then I crack up…don’t know why, I just find it amusing.)

And now I go back every day for a good laugh….I could write the recent posts…not like they do, but my experiences are similar.

That’s why I’m sharing…because when you find really great blogs, you gotta share! I’m adding this one to my blogroll. I don’t add lightly. Each one there is duly earned!

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  • I recently added them too. They are always an entertaining read. You make a good point, I do try to read when I drop, I’ll comment if a post jumps out at me, it’s a good way to find new blogs.

    mrsbears last blog post..What Kind of Name is Speed Anyway?

  • I try really hard to read every blog that I visit while making my entrecard drops but sometimes the time just slips by. I am heading over to the Blue Monkey Butt now to read!

    Jenn Ps last blog post..Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!

  • Oh my gosh, they are funny, I’m adding them! I love tag team blogging. Thanks for blog dropping.

    kdens last blog post..Rant On Me

  • I love to read new blogs! I am so glad you did leave a comment!

    Lydias last blog post..Mommy The Nurse

  • aha! speaking of butts..I know it’s gross but it reminds me of husband telling me he’s grossed watching Renee` Zellweger on that movie: “Appaloosa”. I thought she’s very pretty and I was guessing he can’t be serious but he is! He said, her mouth looked like a butt h—:( grrrrr!

    A Grateful Hearts last blog post..Photo Hunt "SAD"

  • Wow! I can’t believe you wrote such cool things about us. I was so surprised to read about us when I stopped by your blog, it was the best feeling. You made our week! I sent the link to our mom, sister, friends, etc. Thanks so much!

  • i am into visiting blogs, reading them, and sometimes, commenting too. it’s a great thing to express my point of view like the way u feel. sadly, this entrecard thing disabled me to comment as much as i want, because i must admit, i tend to just find the widget right away and click for the drop thing and when done, i sometimes forget to leave my marks. but gimme those catchy titles and interesting prime lines and i would care to stay for a while, even to read all of those interesting older posts. 🙂

    thanks for leaving ur comment to my post! 🙂

    recels last blog post..monday music