Childhood Memories.

I’ve been reading some pretty funny stuff from my friends on my blogroll (shameless?) so I thought I’d share some things I did as a kid.

I’m the youngest of 5 and we grew up in a very big house. The front foyer was totally open, so it was 2 stories. In that room was a staircase that split off to 2 sides of upstairs. My parents let us kids have parties when we wanted to…usually church friends, so no drinking or anything like that (good Mormon kids). The friends would take shoes off (house rule) and leave them at the front door. Unfortunately, being the youngest, I was often left out of these parties, as was one of my brothers, who is 3 years older than me. To get even with our older siblings, we’d sabotage the parties. Our 2 favorite ploys were 1) put cat or dog food in the visitors’ shoes (quite funny when they went to go put shoes back on) and 2) we’d tie a hanger onto a rope, let the rope down to the foyer–we were hiding at the top of the stairs–and pull up random shoes…people would go look for shoes and they’d invariably be missing one…great fun. My older siblings complained, but it was too fun for us to stop.

Years later, when I was about 15, my mom and I were home alone. It was a stormy night and I was totally bored. I went into the foyer and just screamed. My poor mother came running, “What’s wrong? Are you ok??” I just laughed and told her I was bored. 😀  Now, if one of my children would do something like this, they’d be grounded for a year. But it was great at the time.

Another time my mom was on the phone and I wanted to talk to her about something, but every time I went over to her, she’d wave me away. (I was an impatient child.) So I went outside to play with the cats and dogs. I was holding a cat on my lap and a dog came up. The cat freaked, jumping off my lap and leaving a 2-inch scratch on my knee. I went back in to where my mom was and she didn’t even look at me. I walked over to the baking cabinet, pulled out the red food coloring, and dripped it down my leg. Limping in to my mom, I said, “Ow, Mom! I hurt my knee!!” She nearly dropped the phone and gasped so loud I had to laugh out loud. “Just kidding, I’m fine!” and walked away.

I was a mischievous kid!! Hopefully my kids inherited my husband’s “nice” genetics.