Childhood Memories, Part 2.

Remembering all the stuff we did as kids that was questionable or crazy, I realized I had to add a “part 2.” So if you weren’t totally bored yesterday, I hope you enjoy this.

A common practice growing up was to “pants” each other. You know, go up to someone and just yank down on their pants (when they had an elastic band obviously). One of my sisters in particular was notorious for this…even my bff remembers her doing this.

On Easter, my brothers would hide the eggs in horse or dog poo…they knew the girls wouldn’t touch them.

One brother would spit in my glass of juice or, when he had a retainer, put that in it. Once again, he knew I wouldn’t touch it after. I tried it to him once, but he drank it anyway. Ewww….

One more story….One December, when I was about 12, one of my sisters, my 2 brothers, my parents, and I were going Christmas shopping. My dad was in the shower, we were waiting for him. My older (of the 2) brothers was waving his bb gun around (he was probably 17), pretending to shoot. My mom reprimanded him but he assured her it was empty, that he was just shooting air. He came over to me, put it about 2 inches from my upper arm, and shot. “Oww!!”

“That didn’t hurt!”

“Yes it did!”

He lifted up my sleeve to show me there was no mark.  Instead there was a silver bb, half of it stuck in my arm.

“Holy ****!” I was shocked…remember, good Mormon kids, no swearing…but apparently, it slipped out of him!

While he tried to pop it out of my arm, I was crying (it was bleeding and it hurt), and my other brother was making me laugh trying to make me feel better. Soon they got it out. My older brother took the gun and put it away. While he was gone, my mom said, “Ok, don’t any of you tell your dad! He’ll kill your brother; someone go get a band aid.” She patched up my arm and off we went, like nothing happened.

My dad did find out… 5 years later when I was 17 and it was too late to kill my brother. 😀