Why, Yes, I am Stupid.

I have been so busy the last few days!  Phone calls to make (various people, various places), house to clean (my parents are coming for a visit this week), kids to take care of, pets to take care of, lots of baking to do. We harvested our pumpkins and I’ve made pies, breads and muffins. And more to go!

I was so pleased with myself today…I only had one more thing to do on my list…wax my eyebrows. Always a joy.

Both boys were asleep and dd at school, so I figured I would be able to do it in peace. I put the wax in the microwave (something I’ve been doing for 5 years) to heat it up. When I pulled it out, I saw the top wasn’t melted, so I tilted it for some reason. Then it happened.

The hot melted wax underneath erupted like a yellow volcano all over my chest, neck, and a little on my face. I was so shocked, I just stood there taking it in.  Then I realized I’d better get this stuff off. I went upstairs to the bathroom and the wax was already hardening. I began to pull it off, noticing it was taking layers of skin off.

Then the baby began to cry. I went down to take care of him and went back up to pull off more wax. It had to come off…can’t leave it there forever! I was nervous about blisters forming under the wax. I peeled more off and began to feel really light-headed (I’m not a fan of pain), so I thought, “who can I call to take care of the baby if I pass out?”

Fifteen minutes after the initial accident, I finally called my mil, who came over. She suggested I put ice on it to harden the wax, making it easier to get off.

By that point, every time I touched my wounds I would get fainty, so I figured it would be best to get someone else to try. Eventually my dd came home and she tried, but I had to stop her. It just hurt too bad. Gradually I’ll get all the wax off, I hope, when the initial pain and burn fades. My upper chest and neck are quite lovely now, a beautiful shade of red with spots of deeper layers exposed.

So, I think I’ll find another form of eyebrow waxing. I’m not anxious to try this again.