Down with PETA!!!

Ok, another “Are you kidding me???” moment! This one is serious though. I was totally shocked and appalled at the hypocracy of PETA, a supposed animal-saving organization.

Read this.

I’m not much of a soapbox person, but really, this is one of those moments. News of this needs to be spread. Something’s got to be done. This needs to be brought out in the open and talked about!

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  1. Yep, they are so hypocritical it’s not even funny. Often strays that they are called to pick up are put down before they even make it to the end of the street, they do it right in their van. They pick up these animals with no intentions of saving them and have the nerve to blast their hypocritical crap all over.

  2. That’s disgusting. Hopefully they will be put out of business. It makes you wonder how many other organizations out there are misrepresenting themselves.

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  3. I’m not surprised at all to be honest. The level of hypocrisy that PETA lives and breathes daily has been well known for some time. It’s no different than taking the Koran out of context and wanting to kill people.

    They get away with it with the money they get streaming in from people they dupe. most of whom would not contribute if they knew the truth, most likely.

    This is how to change it though, post it!

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  4. unbelievable… oh wait, it’s PETA we’re talking about… but still… wow,,,, I looked up “hypocrisy” in the dictionary and it pointed me to the same article on PETA :p thanks for passing the message along.

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