Sad Stuff Yesterday.

This week I got news of a man in church that had passed away. He was only 62 but developed severe Alzheimer’s. He was a very generous, kind, happy-go-lucky man and at the end was nothing like his former self. I bawled at the funeral, not because I knew him well, but because it’s sad to see someone like that go. But I guess God decided he’d fulfilled his mission on earth and needed him for something else.

I do know his wife a little better. I’m Primary President (in charge at church over the 18mos-12 year olds) and she’s one of my teachers (teaches the 7/8  yr olds).

Things like this are so hard. She seemed so strong…I knew she was expecting this moment, grateful he’s gone to that “better place,” but so sad to see her husband dissipate and leave her.  He was entirely too young to go and she’s way too young to be left alone!

I’m just so grateful my sweet husband is still here with me and hope he is able to stick around for another 50 years or so.