A Tornado Hit My House.

Ok, not really. Catchy title, though, right?

My house just LOOKS like it’s been hit by a tornado. And at this point, it would be easier to deal with.

My parents are here visiting for a week and a few days. So all their stuff is around. Which is fine…I’m used to that part.

*back story= When we first got our dog, he went through an adjustment period. He peed and pooped and I think vomited in our dd’s room while we were gone a couple times. It was pure evil nastiness in there. Like someone got the elephant’s poo for a week then dumped it in her room.  Plenty of fun to clean up. Obviously, we tried to get the stench out, but nothing worked. Oh, yes, I tried every home remedy and nothing worked. Her floor under the carpet is hardwood, so we couldn’t soak the carpet for long because I didn’t want to warp the wood. So we finally gave up and tore the carpet up.

Now…My dad saw the floor and decided he’d help us re-finish it. I thought we’d go get a coat of lacquer of some sort and throw it on and be done… But noooo! Ever the perfectionist on home projects, he decided we have to rent a ginormous sander, sand the floor w/3 different types of sandpaper (that’s where we’re at now), stain it, wait 24 hours, then coat it with something 3 times.  So much for his vacation.

Where is her furniture, you’re wondering? In the living room. And the kitchen. And the sunroom. And the dining area. Her mattresses are propped up on one wall, so we have some new lovely flowers to look at.

But…when the floor is done, it’s going to be gorgeous!! I can’t wait…I’ll have to do a before/after shot to post. And my dd is totally going to wet her pants when she comes home from outdoor school!