Bad Drug Reaction!

Entrecard friends, sorry I was MIA yesterday…we had a crazy afternoon and something scary happen last night that kept me off the computer and nearly put me in the hospital.

My luck lately has not been good!

I had a very bad migraine yesterday evening and took some Exc. Migr. like normal. My sinuses were also killing me (part of the reason my head was so bad) from a cold I’ve had this week. My sweet husband suggested I take a Mucinex, something he takes when he’s congested. I did. I was fine for about an hour, then I began to get kinda dizzy, so I went to bed.

I got as far as the bathroom and felt like I needed to throw up. I kneeled over the porcelain god for awhile, then started feeling faint. I called down to my mom to get my husband. He came up and I started having convulsions and couldn’t talk. I literally could not control my body during a convulsion.

After a few minutes, he helped me to our bed, where I continued to feel horrible. He then suggested I drink, since he thought it all might be from dehydration. I did. He then thought that it might be the Mucinex, so he looked up side effects of it. He read off a list of side effects, most of which I had…(fainting, nausea, dizzy, convulsions, chills). He read in 2007, one person died and 20 others were hospitalized.

Then I got a lot worse. I laid back down and got horribly faint….I knew I was going to pass out but was very scared…I felt if I let go, I wasn’t going to wake back up again…my kids kept popping up in my head and I fought as hard as I could.

I told my husband I was very scared and he said he’d take me to the hospital, but I knew I couldn’t handle the drive, so he suggested an ambulance. The only thing I could say was, “Heavenly Father, please let me be ok!” He went and got my parents. While he was getting them, I threw up. That seemed to do the trick. The fainting feeling went away and I felt almost ok.

The convulsions came back, but I just prayed (my husband also) that the fainting wouldn’t…that was awful. My husband checked my pulse and said he could find it but it was very slow and faint…I assured him I was still breathing. He said I was very cold to the touch, too, though I couldn’t feel any temperature in the room. I just laid on my stomach (felt better in that position than my back) holding my little bucket just in case I threw up again. This went on for about an hour, feeling horrible, then dry heaving and feeling better, then horrible, etc. Finally I managed to throw up again and felt like I could sleep. At 3am I rolled into a good sleeping position and managed to sleep (off and on) until 7:30 this morning, when the baby woke up. Today I’m a little weak, but not sick, thank Heavens.

I’m very surprised that a normal otc drug could do this! I’ve never been affected by anything like this, certainly to the point where I was literally scared for my life. So be careful what you take and read about it if it’s anything new!!

Today I’m thankful I am alive.